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Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because by that time there will be a tax on it
Herbert V Prochnow Jr  
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Gold 1286.46-0.18
Silver 19.460.00
Platinum 1417.751.05
Palladium 905.301.40
DOWJONES 1709815
NASDAQ 458023
NIKKEI 1547752
ASX 56295
CAC 40 4380-1
DAX 94799
HUI 2463
XAU 1021
AUS $ 1.4070
CAN $ 1.4275
US $ 1.3129
GBP (£) 0.7903
Sw Fr 1.2072
YEN 137.0130
AUS $ 1.0718
CAN $ 1.0871
Euro 0.7616
GBP (£) 0.6020
Sw Fr 0.9194
YEN 104.3530
Gold / Silver66.11
Gold / Oil13.42
Dowjones / Gold13.29
Copper 3.140.00
WTI Oil 95.861.31
Nat. Gas 4.060.02
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African Copper+10.61%
Zambia Copper+7.69%
African Copper+10.61%
Shanta Gold+5.22%
Tiger Res.+5.00%
Horizonte Min.+9.75%
Churchill Mi..+8.77%
Berkeley Res.+7.81%
Alecto Energy+5.56%
Energy World..-6.76%
Regal Petrol..-6.67%
Panoramic Res.-4.40%
Global Coal-8.57%
Panoramic Res.-4.40%
Kentor Gold-3.75%
Tower Res.-3.61%
Alexander Mi..-13.45%
Triple Plate..-7.89%
Tertiary Min.-5.92%
Minco Plc-5.62%
Gold Silver Platinium Palladium Copper Oil 
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Kumba Iron Ore bridges digital divide in black schools with sun’s help
Chrome Corp. ()
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