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Mac Slavo - shtfplan
SHTF Planning: 20 Lessons from the Streets of Cairo 
In the following post we present another experience, this time from Cairo, from someone who was there at the height of the riots and violence that would eventually lead to the collapse of the entire political structure of Egypt and imposition of military rule
Sunday, January 31, 2021
Gary Tanashian - Biwii
Submission: Semi Canary Still Chirping, But He's Gonna Croak in 2018
Since January 2013 we have been using the worldwide Semiconductor Equipment industry as a leader within the Semiconductor sector, which is an economic cyclical leader itself. That month we noted a positive move in Equipment bookings, which became a (3 month) trend that spring. This trend was used to project positive economic signals to come.Through some turbulence in 2014 and 2015 the sector has remained on ‘economic up’ along with our cross reference indicator, the Palladium/Gold ratio right up
Friday, January 12, 2018
Sprott Money
Get an Education - Jeff Thomas
Back in the ‘60’s, an interviewer asked the “King of Folk Music”, Bob Dylan what his goal in life was. Bob answered something to the effect of, “I want to make enough money to go to college, so one day I can be somebody.” Bob had a good sense of irony. And certainly, he was always more inclined to think outside the box than to follow the well-trodden path. That was part of what made him so interesting and part of what made him so successful. A similar sentiment was expressed in a song by hi
Saturday, January 6, 2018
SRSrocco - SRSRocco Report
The Leveraged Economy BLOWS UP In 2018
Enjoy the good times while you can because when the economy BLOWS UP this next time, there is no plan B.  Sure, we could see massive monetary printing by Central Banks to continue the madness a bit longer after the market crashes, but this won’t be a long-term solution.  Rather, the U.S. and global economies will contract to a level we have never experienced before.  We are most certainly in unchartered territory.Before I get into my analysis and the reasons we are heading towards the Seneca Cli
Friday, January 5, 2018
Wolf Richter
I’m in Awe of How Far the Scams Stupidities around “Blockchain Stocks” are Going
This can happen only during the very late stage of a bubble. It just doesn’t let up. UBI Blockchain Internet, a Hong Kong outfit whose shares trade in the US [UBIA], filed with the SEC to sell an additional 72.3 million shares owned by its executives. In other words, it isn’t selling the shares to raise money for corporate purposes, but to allow its executives, including CEO Tony Liu, to bail out. This is happening after the company – which sports zero revenues and a disconnected phone number in
Friday, December 29, 2017
Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
The Dumbing Down Of America: ‘The Numbers Speak Volumes’
Almost everyone can see that the dumbing down of America is in full effect.  A video breakdown of a Psychology Today piece from 2014 which details the anti-intellectualism most of us have already experienced in some way. According to Signs of the Times, there has been a long tradition of anti-intellectualism in America, unlike most other Western countries. Richard Hofstadter, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1964 for his book, Anti-Intellectualism In American Life, describes how the vast underlying f
Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Gary Tanashian - Biwii
Amid Bad Fundamentals, Gold Sector Rally May Have Begun
We have been expecting a seasonal rally in gold, silver and the miners off of a bottom due in either December or January, as is typical of the sector. I’ve marked up Sentimentrader‘s seasonal gold pattern to show the secondary low made (on average over 30 years) in December and the January ramp up that follows (on average).But we’ve long contended that noise about global strife (geopolitics), inflation and most of all China/India demand need to be tuned out and the larger component planets of th
Saturday, December 16, 2017
Steve St Angelo - SRSRocco Report
THE DISINFORMATION WAR: The Attempt To Disregard Silver Investor Demand In The Market
There is a Disinformation War taking place in the silver market as certain industry analysis is confusing individuals by purposely disregarding the tremendous impact of rising investment demand.  Not only do I find this troubling, but I am also quite surprised how much the silver industry pays attention to this faulty analysis.  So, it’s time once again to set the record straight.Setting the record straight has now become a new mission for me at the SRSrocco Report because the amount of disinfor
Friday, December 8, 2017
Gary Tanashian - Biwii
Macro Plan Still on Track for Stocks, Commodities And Gold
As I’ve been noting again, again, again, again, and again the macro backdrop is marching toward changes. I’d originally thought those changes would come about within the Q4 window and while that may still be the case, it can easily extend into the first half of 2018 based on new information and data points that have come in.One thing that has not changed is that stock sectors, commodities and the inflation-dependent risk ‘on’ trades and the gold sector, Treasury bonds and the risk ‘off’ trades a
Saturday, November 11, 2017
Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
You’re Likely A Lot Less Prepared For Crisis Than You Realize
This article was originally published by Chris Martenson at It seems as if Mother Nature is waking up. Either she’s trying to send humans an important warning, or perhaps she’s just out to kill us all. Massive storms across the globe, earthquakes, and collapsing ecosystems all combine to remind us that we are indeed intimately connected to our planet’s natural systems. And that our well-being rests on staying on Mother Nature’s good side. Well, Mother Nature has seemed pretty
Monday, September 25, 2017
Chris Martenson
You're Likely A Lot Less Prepared For Crisis Than You Realize
It seems as if Mother Nature is waking up. Either she's trying to send humans an important warning, or perhaps she's just out to kill us all. Massive storms across the globe, earthquakes, and collapsing ecosystems all combine to remind us that we are indeed intimately connected to our planet's natural systems. And that our well-being rests on staying on Mother Nature's good side. Well, Mother Nature has seemed pretty pissed at us of late. Her recent punishments should be taken as a disciplinary
Saturday, September 23, 2017
Rick Ackerman
Fed-Speak Translated into Plain Truth
Talk is cheap, never moreso than when it comes from the mouths of the charlatans and quacks who run the Federal Reserve. Their latest “plan” is to start selling assets from the Fed’s $4.5 trillion balance sheet in October; tightening perhaps 25 basis before 2018; then tightening three more times next year.  Translation: We will initially unload whatever crap the traffic will bear, which could be zilch; we will continue to talk the talk as brazenly as possible, pretending that 25 basis points of
Thursday, September 21, 2017
JS Kim - Smart Knowledge U
Is There Any Validity to the Claim that Bitcoin Could be a Trojan Horse (v2.0)
by by JS Kim This article is copyrighted, and subject to all international copyrighting laws. Republishing of this article is strictly prohibited unless expressed written consent has been given by SmartKnowledge Pte Ltd. First published on 15 August 2017 and updated on 14 September 2017. Is There Any Validity to the Claim that Bitcoin Could Be a Trojan Horse, v2.0 I am presenting this article again here for the following reason. Though the original article remains intact, the additions to the
Friday, September 15, 2017
Gary Tanashian - Biwii
Copper, Oil, Gold and US Stocks: Big Picture Status
By Gary TanashianSometimes I like to trot these lumbering monthlies out so we can quiet everything down and see where various markets are slowly heading.First of all, as I go down with my ‘strengthening US dollar’ ship*, I also mal-projected copper’s upside. I’d felt that $3/lb. would cap Doctor Copper because it is very clear lateral resistance at a handy 38% Fib retrace.*** Well, insofar as I own UUP and EUO, it has not been fruitful; but that is the whole point because the positions are just
Thursday, September 7, 2017
Gary Tanashian - Biwii
Potential Pivots Upcoming for Stocks and Gold
By: Gary TanashianPrologue: This is a bearish article written by someone who covered his short (bearish) positions today (except for the euro) and has only long positions now, in precious metals and stocks, along with a heaping helping of cash. In other words, per yesterday’s snapshot, the market had dropped to levels that could see a bounce, especially since the spark to this week’s reaction was not legitimate as a substantial market input. This article is not concerned with short-term ups and
Monday, August 14, 2017
James Howard Kunstler
The Value of Everything 
W e are looking more and more like France on the eve of its revolution in 1789. Our classes are distributed differently, but the inequity is just as sharp. America’s “aristocracy,” once based strictly on bank accounts, acts increasingly hereditary as the vapid offspring and relations of “stars” (in politics, showbiz, business, and the arts) assert their prerogatives to fame, power, and riches — think the voters didn’t grok the sinister import of Hillary’s “it’s my turn” message? What’s especiall
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Sprott Money
Central Bank Intervention Slams Paper Gold - Dave Kranzler
This isn’t some trader’s “fat finger” accidentally overloading the sell button and pressing “sell.” This is unadulterated BIS/ECB/BoE/Fed sponsored market intervention: At 4:01 EST, a paper gold nuclear bomb was detonated in the Comex Globex computer system. The graph above is just the August “front month” paper gold contract on the Comex. In that contract 1.49 million ozs of paper gold were dumped into the Comex electronic trading system. Zerohedge is attributing 1.88 million ozs. That
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Chris Powell - GATA
Dave Kranzler: Central banks try to scare the crap out of the gold market
Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics today quotes an explanation for today's central bank flash crash in gold, provided by gold market analyst John Brimelow of John Brimelow's Gold Jottings report: "The day was well chosen as the Muslim world including Turkey was closed for the end of Ramadan, as was India, which has the amiable habit of observing the holidays of religious minorities." Kranzler adds: "Four a.m. Eastern time is one of the slowest, lowest-volume trading periods during any
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Steve St Angelo - SRSRocco Report
Massive Central Bank Asset Purchases: Last Ditch Effort To Save Economy Cap Silver-Gold Prices
The Central banks bought a staggering $1.5 trillion in assets in the first five months of the year to keep the economy from imploding while at the same time, capping the gold price.  Yes, it’s true…. $300 billion a month of Central bank asset purchases pushes up STOCK, BOND and REAL ESTATE values while it depresses or caps the gold (or silver) price.The amount of Central bank asset purchases are now reaching insane levels.  And they have to.  It is the same thing as being a drug addict.  Once, s
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Mish - Global Economic Analysis
Investigating Trends in Median Home Prices: When Did Price Acceleration Start
Fed Chairs Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen re-blew the Alan Greenspan initiated housing bubble. However, the trend towards higher and higher home prices started well before that dynamic trio made a mess of everything. The following picture shows the true origin of escalating home prices. Median Home Prices 1963-Present To be fair, homes have gotten larger, with more features, better windows, etc. However, it is safe to say the explosion in credit that started when Nixon closed the gold window, e
Saturday, May 27, 2017