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Gold 1247.72-0.83
Silver 17.45-0.05
Platinum 1272.00-2.75
Palladium 773.250.75
DOWJONES 16615209
NASDAQ 4419103
NIKKEI 15196391
ASX 537361
CAC 40 40843
DAX 892538
HUI 191-1
XAU 790
AUS $ 1.4481
CAN $ 1.4279
US $ 1.2715
GBP (£) 0.7907
Sw Fr 1.2067
YEN 135.9490
AUS $ 1.1391
CAN $ 1.1232
Euro 0.7865
GBP (£) 0.6220
Sw Fr 0.9491
YEN 106.9570
Gold / Silver71.50
Gold / Oil15.22
Dowjones / Gold13.32
Copper 3.04-0.02
WTI Oil 81.970.01
Nat. Gas 3.70-0.01
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144 Articles

01/09/2014Record outflows from commodity ETPs in 2013 as investors dump ...
01/08/2014INDIA's Gold imports may fall 40% to decadal low
01/06/2014Kochi airport: Gold imports by NRIs zoom
01/06/2014Your Next Phone Screen Will Kill Bacteria With Silver
01/06/2014Swiss central bank hard was hit by gold price fall  (1)
03/26/2013Earthquakes found to create gold veins in an instant
03/26/2013New gold discoveries declining at accelerating rate – IntierraRMG
03/26/2013Abandoned gold loans are India's "jingle mail"
03/26/2013Gold production hits 4.2m ounces in 2012
03/26/2013Meiji silver dragon model brings fiery $128,500 to Bonhams
03/26/2013ScienceShot: Atomic Science Keeps Silver Shining Bright  (1)
03/26/2013Australians develop new recovery method for platinum and palla...
03/25/2013Swiss to vote on central bank gold reserves
03/25/2013Texas Wants Its Gold Back From The Fed
03/25/2013Pope wears simple silver ring not gold one
03/25/2013Indian Customs seize 174 kg gold during apr-feb
03/25/2013Arizona May Join Utah to Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender
02/22/2013Britain is making gold sovereign coins in India
02/16/2013Iran will be offered easing of gold sanctions
02/15/2013India's Jan gold imports surge 23 pct y/y, hits 18-mth top
01/11/2013the size of a $ 1 trillion platinum coin should be quite massive
11/21/2012Shortage of gold, Indian currency hits Nepal
11/21/2012Reserve Bank of India forbids bank loans for gold purchases  (1)
11/19/2012There are Four things to know about palladium
11/19/2012Kerala govt studying tax reduction on gold
11/19/2012India stays above China in gold buys
11/16/2012A billion-dollar treasure hunt in Hindu temple to be revealed
11/15/2012How nano silver turns people blue
11/15/2012Silver price could 'increase 400pc in three years'
11/15/2012China remains top platinum market
11/15/2012Montana lawmaker asks state to pay him in gold and silver over...
11/02/2012Central Bank Gold Run could be a possibility ?
10/31/2012Gold confiscation rumor, by Jim Sinclair  (2)
10/31/2012India's Gujarat state almost doubles gold imports in Oct.
10/31/2012Russell thinks Something big could be brewing for silver
10/31/2012Gold ETF Holdings are Not Moving Despite Price Weakness
10/31/20121 500 gold shops were closed in Saudi Arabia after heavy losses
10/11/2012A diamond bigger than Earth has been discovered  (1)
10/11/2012S.Africa's gold output is up in Aug, platinum down
10/02/2012India unlocks treasure trove of gold as farmers sell
10/02/2012Ghana deports 38 Chinese arrested for gold mining
09/29/201239% Of South African Gold Production Is Now Offline  (1)
09/29/2012$2.7 bn IMF gold sales profits to help poor
09/29/2012Afghan gold fever heats up
09/29/2012Turkish trade deficit falls 30pc on gold sales to Iran
09/13/2012Platinum holdings poised for record on mining disruption
09/07/2012Gold Stocks are Breaking Out; Commodity Report by Leading Fina...
09/07/2012Platinum buying rises as strike disruptions escalate
09/04/2012Platinum ETFs Gather Inflows on Mine Shutdown
09/04/2012China is swapping Gold for U.S. Dollar, Reports Leading Financ...  (1)
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