Adrian Ash is head of research at, the fastest growing gold bullion service online. Formerly head of editorial at Fleet Street Publications Ltd – the UK's leading publishers of investment advice for private investors – he is also City correspondent for The Daily Reckoning in London, and a regular contributor to MoneyWeek magazine.
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15 NovBarnsey
A great video. Made my day. Thanks to you both :) A now fan.
Investors Start Buying Gold ETFs In October In Bullish Shift
12 NovACarr
It's so important to stay up to date on info like this regarding the movements of the market even if you don't yet own gold or silver.
Stephen Hawking In His Final Publication: ‘There is No God’
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Well I am happy for you. Was not Hawking having a near death experience most of his life? You have no idea if I have had a near death exper...
Cyclical Commodities Continue to Weaken, Gold Moves in Relation
10 NovAriana33
Gold has always been a smart investment choice, but now even more so. Thank you for this article, very interesting. I usually tell people to just m...
Social Justice
07 NovP.-1
Right on JHK. No one wants to believe what you are forecasting, hence the few and poor ratings of this type of article. That doesn't mean you are...
Technology Detox: The Health Benefits of Unplugging Unwinding
08 NovS W.
The only digital device i use is my middle finger for an 'up yours' gesture.
Midterm Endgame
02 NovJ.1
The fascist socialist system that runs this county is a conglomeration of patriotic nationalism and a giant bureaucracy. It is a million headed mo...
Midterm Endgame
02 NovGypsy1
James, James, James . . . The sad, sad truth is : BOTH political parties deserve to pass on into the sunset. Neither represents "We, the People....
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