Adrian Ash is head of research at, the fastest growing gold bullion service online. Formerly head of editorial at Fleet Street Publications Ltd – the UK's leading publishers of investment advice for private investors – he is also City correspondent for The Daily Reckoning in London, and a regular contributor to MoneyWeek magazine.
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01/15/2018>Bond Yields Up, Gold Price Up?!
01/13/2018>2018: The Wrong Lesson on Gold Investing
01/05/2018>2018: Dollar Down, Gold Up
01/02/2018>Gold Investment Jumps into 2018
12/20/2017>Gold, Mithras and Killing the Bull in 2018
12/14/2017>New Year Pop 2018 in Precious Metals?
12/08/2017>Gold's 1975 Warning on Bitcoin Futures
12/05/2017>Bear-Market Low for New Gold Investing
12/01/2017>Gold, Bitcoin, the BBC and My Cat
11/24/2017>Salvator Fraudium's Bubble in Everything
11/18/2017>Brexit, Gold and Harold Wilson's 'Pound in Your Pocket', 50 Ye...
11/15/2017>Tulips, Railways and Why We Don't Take Bitcoin
11/07/2017>Gold Trading Slumps as 'Buy Bitcoin' Beats 'Buy Gold'
10/27/2017>Bitcoin Isn't Gold. It's Silver
10/25/2017>Diversification Adds Nothing
10/19/2017>Gold Prices? 'Meh' Says LBMA 2017
10/16/2017>LBMA 2017: Spain, Silver and 'Lower Forever'
10/10/2017>¡Viva Gold! LBMA 2017 Goes to Barcelona
10/06/2017>The Guild of Thrall: Warsh Fed Edition
10/03/2017>Gold Buying Rises with Price 1st Time in a Year
09/20/2017>Gold Mining: Investment 'Must Resume' as Reserves' Life Shrink...
09/13/2017>Tick-Tock, Northern Rock
09/07/2017>Gold Price Not 100% About Real Rates. But Close
09/05/2017>Korea Nuclear Crisis? Investors Sell, Not Buy Gold
08/15/2017>N.Korea? Gold Prices More About Real Rates Than Ever
08/09/2017>August 2007: When the Central Bank Con-Trick Failed
08/01/2017>Savvy Investors Buy Gold on Price Drop
07/27/2017>Fed Rates: This is Now Normal
07/14/2017>Private Gold Investing Jumps to the Moon
07/04/2017>Gold Investing Cut 3rd Month Running
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16 Jandennyc1
Ah, yes, black welfare recipients receiving our hard earned and easily spent tax dollars and providing us nothing save their lives for our investme...
15 JanDoom1
It's not just the English that is considered RACIST, it's also mathematics, and a wide range of other things: http://professorconfess.blogspot...
2018: The Wrong Lesson on Gold Investing
14 JanThe Recusant
As you say, it's only what the central banks do that matters. Gold and its little brother silver are the only true measures of fiat currencies and ...
One-year score card for Trump
13 JanS W.
Everything else aside, Donald Trump has a very small mouth, combined with the weirdest lip action and pouting of any person I have ever seen.
Who Moved My Xanax?
12 JanDoom1
My goodness, Mr. Kunstler may have gotten into the red pills...
If The Banks Try To Unwind Their Silver Short, Who Are They Going T...
11 JanThe Recusant
Great article! The more I read the more I'm convinced that the futures market is simply a means for the banks to control the prices of commodities....
Fairy Tale
11 JanJ.-1
Everybody assumes that Oprah would be a Democratic candidate, why? She may share their views on many things, but I bet she has conservative views ...
If The Banks Try To Unwind Their Silver Short, Who Are They Going T...
11 Janneville1
Hi Andy, Great article.As a veteran who has followed the markets for years ,in fact over 50 years ,I have never in all those years seen a more...
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