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Antal E. Fekete

Professor Antal E. Fekete is a mathematician and monetary scientist., with many contributions in the fields fiscal and monetary Reform, gold standard, basis, discount versus interest and gold and interest.
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84 Articles

03/29/2013Gold, Interest, Basis  (1)
11/29/2012The Silver Saga  (11)
02/10/2012There Is No Business Like Bond Business  (6)
01/19/2012Premature Obituaries  (8)
12/22/2011Mainstream Economists' Monetary Insanity  (2)
10/20/2011What Chinese Unemployment?  (7)
09/06/2011140 Years Of Silver Volatility  (5)
07/11/2011You Have Never Ever Seen An Elephant Fly
06/15/2011The Marginal Utility of Silver  (4)
04/11/2011Hearken to the Sacred Geese of Juno Moneta  (3)
04/06/2011Impeach Bernanke !  (7)
02/20/2011Silver and Opium  (42)
02/09/2011Chinese Puzzle  (1)
01/20/2011There Is No Business Like Bond Business  (11)
01/19/2011Stupid Wager Or Clever Prestidigitation?
01/12/2011Gold and Honey *  (2)
01/10/2011Sound Navigation Requires Sound Measurement  (4)
11/04/2010More Real Bill Fallacies
11/02/2010Real Bills and Gold
10/27/2010Is There Life After Sudden Death?*  (1)
10/01/2010Remobilize Gold To Save The World Economy!  (2)
09/27/2010The Donkey In The China Shop  (12)
07/27/2010Gold Basis Screwed  (2)
07/26/2010Real Bills Revisited  (1)
07/06/2010Floating Exchange Rates: Scheme to Embezzle the Dollar Balance...
06/24/2010Architecture for a New World Financial System  (2)
05/26/2010The Texas Hedges of Barrick
05/13/2010Hyperinflation or Hyperdeflation?  (10)
02/19/2010Hedging Non-Gold Investments With Gold  (1)
01/04/2010Economic Aspects Of The Pension Problem  (1)
07/19/2009The Federal Reserve As An Engine Of Deflation (sic!)  (3)
04/28/2009Falsifying Bank Balance Sheets  (2)
04/17/2009The Significance of the Gold Standard  (1)
04/13/2009A Critique of the Quantity Theory of Money  (1)
03/05/2009Iron Law of the Burden of Debt  (2)
03/05/2009Interview in Daily Bell  (1)
02/12/2009Growth And Debt: Is There A Trade Off?  (2)
02/03/2009How to stop the Depression  (4)
01/01/2009An Unhappy New Year  (2)
12/10/2008Has the Curtain Fallen on the Last Contango in Washington?
12/10/2008There is no Fever like Gold Fever
12/08/2008Red Alert: Gold Backwardation!!!  (3)
09/08/2008Has Hedging Killed The Goose That Was To Lay The Golden Egg?  (1)
07/03/2008Farewell Address  (1)
05/20/2008Is Our Accounting System Flawed?  (3)
03/01/2008Paper Tiger Preying on Gold Bugs – The IMF and its phantom Gol...  (5)
02/11/2008Uncle Sam crying “Uncle”  (4)
01/31/2008The Double Whammy of Geopolitical Gold Games  (23)
01/29/2008The Crash of the Bank of the United States  (4)
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