Bill Holter is an original. After a lengthy career in financial services, he retired in 2006 and moved his family out of the U.S. He then returned in 2011 and makes currently makes his home in Texas, and is currently a partner of Jim Sinclair at
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07/10/2019>Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair – Gold $87,000 per ounce at Least (...
12/14/2018>Crash alert!
05/02/2018>It is "debt saturation" plain and simple!
04/11/2018>Why does no one consider China’s ultimate “nuclear option”???
03/06/2018>MOPE; The Government Will Never Let It Happen...
02/12/2018>Something is definitely “changing” but what is it?
11/07/2017>The plan comes together?
10/02/2017>This is how China moves the world to a gold standard!
09/20/2017>Cryptocurrencies And Avoiding The "Poof Moment"…
09/14/2017>Armstrong Logic?
09/07/2017>Mutiny “For” The Bounty?
07/24/2017>Zero times anything is still ZERO!
06/06/2017>Time and Sales...!
04/24/2017>The chicken or the egg?
02/26/2017>"In The Name Of Fairness", A Very Touchy Subject…
01/18/2017>It looks just like a Ponzi scheme doesn't it?
12/16/2016>Martin Armstrong, 2010-2011
12/13/2016>Martin Armstrong at it again! The mechanism to reset?
12/05/2016>Fake News = Fake Markets...
09/01/2016>Can the “Rig” Survive and Economic War?
09/01/2016>"Pure Liquidity"
09/01/2016>Comparing This Gold Bull Market to Those of the Past Is Invalid
08/29/2016>Pure Liquidity
08/29/2016>Wake Up Call – Our Entire World is Going to Change
08/10/2016>The World is Facing Very, Very Dangerous Times
06/02/2016>How does COMEX fix this one?
05/17/2016>It's a small club ...All Roads Will Lead To Gold!
05/01/2016>My response to Bob Moriarty
04/06/2016>“Truth Bombs” AWAY!
04/05/2016>"Truth Bombs" Away!
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