William J. Murphy III is the Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and owner of www.LeMetropoleCafe.com. Mr. Murphy resides in Texas and writes a daily commentary for his website featuring precious metals and contrarian economic analysis.
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06/26/2016>Historic, Mind Boggling Rise In Gold Open Interest Friday
11/27/2015>Is This The Gold Cartel's End Game?
08/04/2014>It Is Much Bigger Than You Think
11/01/2013>Silver Could be Explosive! GoldSeek TV's Vanessa Collette inte...
07/24/2013>Jim Sinclair: The Legend, I Knew Him Way Back When
06/03/2013>Speechless Turd, Something Is Very Wrong, What Could Be Up!
07/30/2012>GATA, SHAKA ZULU, And The Coming Gold/Silver STORM!
07/09/2012>It Won’t Be Long Before The Gold/Silver Manipulation Scandal G...
05/23/2012>2%... 1%... FLAT... DOWN HARD / BF: Stinking Up The Place
05/21/2012>JPM, Facebook, Gold … And The Potential of A Titanic Financial...
02/28/2012>GATA: The Russians And Chinese Know What We Know And It Is SO ...
09/06/2011>US Embassy In Beijing Price Suppression Cable/China
08/22/2011>Gold, Silver SOAR, Gold Cartel In Shambles / PM Shares On The ...
05/02/2011>Gold Rockets Higher While Munich Listens To GATA
03/26/2010>MIDAS SPECIAL On GATA’s CFTC Appearance ... Would The Police S...
03/25/2010>A London trader walks the CFTC through a silver manipulation i...
11/23/2009>Another All-Time High Gold Close/GATA Bloomberg TV Interview
09/11/2009>The Reason for Gold’s Imminent Price Moon Shot? It’s a Simple ...
03/25/2009>Bloomberg TV archive carries Murphy interview
03/05/2009>The Silly People/Ominous GE And JPM/CIA Snoop Ted Truman, And ...
01/19/2009>GATA’s Tenth Anniversary: Gold Manipulation Evidence Mounts
12/30/2008>Is the COMEX Just a Farce?
12/19/2008>GATA Chairman Murphy reports on meeting with CFTC
12/15/2008>GATA Presentation To The CFTC, Congressman Ron Paul, And More
12/13/2008>Comex said warning brokers about December gold squeeze
09/26/2008>The Manipulation Of The Gold Market
06/25/2008>The Average American Won’t Know what Hit Him/Her
04/24/2008>The “Strong Dollar” Policy was Gold Price Suppression
03/17/2008>US Financial Markets Are Equivalent To World Wrestling Enterta...
02/19/2008>GATA Conference Attendees … 13 Countries So Far … Including Ch...
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