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01/06/2018>Investing 2018: Leveraging World Class Strategies
01/04/2018>Were Charts Helpful In 2017 And How Can They Help In 2018?
12/26/2017>Charts Say A Lot About Stocks 2018-2028
12/16/2017>Extremely Rare Long-Term Setups For Stocks 1928-2017
12/14/2017>Fed Rate Hike History Says Bulls Could Run For A Long Time
12/11/2017>Is The Market Concerned About…?
12/07/2017>Is Volume/Breadth Aligned With Bullish Case?
12/04/2017>Are Monthly Charts Starting To Show Some Cracks?
11/29/2017>The Big Picture In Three Charts
11/22/2017>Did Market Breadth Confirm The New Highs In Stocks?
11/18/2017>What Can We Learn From Asset Class Behavior?
11/11/2017>This Signal Has Only Occurred Two Times In Last 60 Years
11/08/2017>This Indicator Had A Divergence In Both 2000 And 2007; How Doe...
11/06/2017>Stock Ownership Figures Look Nothing Like A Bubble
11/04/2017>The Long-Term Outlook For Stocks
10/24/2017>The Mother Of All Breakouts Still In Play
10/22/2017>The Rational Case For Stock Market Plunges In 1987, 2011, and ...
10/13/2017>What Would Jesse Livermore Tell Investors In 2017?
10/02/2017>Has This Important 2016 Stock Signal Flipped?
10/02/2017>Is A Bear Market Overdue?
09/29/2017>Why 2017 Looks Nothing Like 1929 Or 1987
09/26/2017>CCM Interview With Forbes
09/23/2017>Is A 1929/1987-Like Crash Imminent?
09/18/2017>A Logical Approach To Investment Strategy Development
09/16/2017>Five Important Tells For Stocks
09/11/2017>Breadth Indicator Foreshadowed And Confirmed Today’s New High
09/10/2017>Is Improving Productivity Pushing Stocks Higher?
09/09/2017>What Are Probabilistic Models Saying About The Stock Market?
08/29/2017>Red Flags Coming From This Breadth Indicator?
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