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Gold price suppression needs no whistleblowers; it's in the open because nobody notices
Published : September 03rd, 2014
459 words - Reading time : 1 - 1 minutes
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Keywords :   Central Bank | Manipulation |

Over the long Labor Day holiday weekend in the United States your secretary/treasurer sent the following e-mail to many financial journalists and mining company executives in the hope of calling their attention to the latest smoking-gun proof of central bank intervention against the gold market and other markets.

* * *

Dear -----:

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee is publicizing a document discovered last week on the Internet site of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. It suggests that central banks are surreptitiously intervening in all major futures markets operated by CME Group -- that is, suggests that all these markets are rigged. This strikes me as a pretty big news story and I've sent it to many major news organizations in the hope of inducing them to pursue it. See what you think. The document and some context for it can be found at GATA's Internet site here:

Also possibly of interest is this commentary about the failure of gold and silver mining companies to protest government's suppression of the price of their products:

Of course I'd be glad to provide more information.

With good wishes.

* * *

Of course there were few acknowledgments, but one mining executive did reply cordially, to the effect that 1) conspiracies are hard to keep secret, 2) despite GATA's many years of exposing market manipulation not one disgruntled employee or former spouse or jilted lover has ever come forward to describe how the manipulation works. Until he could see information from someone actually involved in gold price suppression, he wrote, he would remain a skeptic.

Your secretary/treasurer replied as follows.

* * *

You want specific participants in the gold price suppression scheme to come forward -- but many already have. Some participants have even given speeches about it, like these:

On behalf of many central banks, the staff of the International Monetary Fund wrote this report recounting central bank participation in gold price suppression:

I can get you many more documents like these if you'd like to see them.

True, these people are not whistleblowers, as they are not craving publicity to expose something. Rather they are insiders very confident that they can admit these things more or less in public because nobody will pay any attention -- not the financial news media and not even the gold mining industry itself.

We're still hoping to prove them wrong in regard to you. Why not look at the three documents cited above and see what you think? There's a lot more available here:

* * *

Will this mining industry executive look at the admissions provided to him today? Will he act on them? We can only hope as we press on in the morning.

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Chris Powell

Chris Powell is the secretary of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) which has been organized to advocate and undertake litigation against illegal collusion to control the price and supply of gold and related financial securities.
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