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11/01/2013>Andrew Maguire Responds To Allegations
10/28/2013>King World News and Others Removing Goldman Sachs Reference to...
10/25/2013>Vindication! “Whistleblower” Andrew MaGuire Is What I Suspecte...
06/07/2013>A 62 millisecond move before the NFP number that led to a sell...
05/30/2013>Is The Long Overdue Stock Market Correction Finally Starting?
05/21/2013>My Challenge To “Whistleblower” Andrew Maguire
05/08/2013>Updating Silver
05/06/2013>Waiting For Confirmation–
05/02/2013>Are Gold Miners Ready To Re-Open Hedge Books?
04/25/2013>Silver And Gold Are Ready To “Tip” Their Hand
04/25/2013>Where’s The Growth?
04/19/2013>Tonight’s CBC Documentary “The Secret World of Gold”
04/19/2013>Comex To Make It Easier For Smaller Investors To Take Delivery...
04/19/2013>BIGGER PICTURE levels in gold and silver
04/19/2013>Updated Ranges for the SLV
04/17/2013>Silver Targets To Watch
04/16/2013>Shedding Light On “How The Gold Market Was Crashed” My Discuss...
04/15/2013>Cyprus Gold Sale Still On The Table
04/15/2013>Gold And Silver Suffer Major Technical Damage: Updated Charts
04/15/2013>Don’t Be Fooled By The Bounce
04/14/2013>The Soap Opera Surrounding Today’s Gold Sell-Off Has Started
04/13/2013>Peter Schiff Crying Sour Grapes Over The Goldman Sachs Gold Call
04/13/2013>Open Interest; Discussing the Fallacy…They DON’T Always Forete...
04/12/2013>Searching For Clues On The Gold And Silver Trade
04/11/2013>Goldman Sachs Reduces Gold Price Target
04/10/2013>Short Update On Gold And Silver
04/05/2013>North Korea Orders Evacuation Of Foreign Embassies
04/05/2013>Gold, Silver & King Dollar
04/02/2013>Silver Has Broken Down
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East Continues Stacking Gold While The West Stacks Paper Illusions
24 Marprljr
If a countries cartel owned private Central Bank acquires the Gold with cartels bank money for the country it supposedly represents who actually ow...
Russia Did It!
23 Marprljr2
I have not trusted whatever the US government has reported,said,demanded since 911. The government ignored the laws of physics in explaining pretty...
Russia Did It!
23 Markevthorne3
One of the most sensible, level-headed articles I've read on this subject for a long time.
Drums Along the Potomac
23 MarGypsy
I see there's a HUGE market for Conspiracy Theories and FAKE NEWS in the U.K. ~ from the Top down. Theresa May runs her Conspiracy Theory up her f...
Stephen Hawking – Doomsday Prophet’s Top Five Predictions
19 MarThemis1
Stephen Hawking may have been brilliant in his own sphere of science. This does not necessarily equip him to make accurate pronouncements about ot...
Stephen Hawking – Doomsday Prophet’s Top Five Predictions
17 MarWatchdoctor3
In my opinion, yet another NASA actor promoting ''leaving the earth'' as a viable alternative to living in peace with our neighbours. Not even sure...
Drums Along the Potomac
18 MarThemis1
While I, too, don't give a hoot about the Skripals, the UK cannot tolerate foreign agents running amok and potentially endangering innocent British...
School Daze
15 MarJ.
@bfsiedel, While I agree with much of what you posted, regarding whether or not school is broken depends upon one's expectations of public school....
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