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03/07/2016>Update of the SP500 Index
10/15/2015>Currencies Update
03/10/2015>Gold's Obituary 2...Phase 2 now Underway
01/09/2015>Behold the US Dollar
12/06/2014>Current US Dollar Trend Defined
11/09/2014>US Dollar Mid-Term Top Makes Precious Metal and Energy Stocks ...
10/29/2014>Gold's Obituary
09/15/2014>US Dollar Set to go Much Higher
07/01/2014>The Most Important Update Ever
03/01/2014>SP500 Index To Rise Into August 2015
02/18/2014>Overall Market Forecast for 2014 and 2015...Hinging on the US ...
10/22/2013>Chirality and Chiral Inversions in Stock Market Cycles
09/23/2013>Precious Metals and the Broad Stock Market Indices Update: Not...
07/09/2013>Financial Respite
06/18/2013>Market Top Called to Within One Day by Contracting Fibonacci S...
05/21/2013>Important Update of the US Dollar Index, 3 Currencies and Gold
05/09/2013>Update of the AMEX Gold BUGS and SP 500 Indices
04/10/2013>The Confidence Game
02/25/2013>AMEX Gold BUGS Index - One Chart and Analysis
01/26/2013>XOI Update
01/09/2013>2013 Outlook and Update of the AMEX Oil Index
12/11/2012>Dissecting the US Dollar
11/19/2012>Correction Nearly Done....Theory and Evidence Provided by Four...
10/08/2012>Gold...Technical Update of Where it is Headed
09/14/2012>Technical Update of the US Dollar...Fate for Gold Discussed
08/17/2012>The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Universe of Inflation/Deflation
08/15/2012>The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Universe of Inflation/Deflation...
06/25/2012>It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn
05/02/2012>Basket of Goodies to Suggest Gold is Set to Break New Highs
04/28/2012>A Basket of Goodies to Suggest Gold is Set to Break New Highs
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