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04/23/2018>Inflation, With a Shelf Life
04/06/2018>As the Macro Turns...
03/24/2018>Trade War
03/19/2018>Bonds, Inflation And Amigos
03/09/2018>3 Amigos of the Macro, Updated
02/26/2018>Bonds and Related Market Indicators
02/20/2018>Semi Bearish?
02/19/2018>Macro Update: 1 Week Later Risk Remains 'On' as 2 of 3 Amigos ...
02/11/2018>US Stock Market, Precious Metals and the Macro Backdrop
02/04/2018>Amigo #2 (10yr Yield) Nears Target, ‘Inflation Trade’ Failing,...
01/24/2018>A Few Words on the Gold Sector
01/19/2018>The Macro View: Amigos Ride On
01/15/2018>Gold Miners' Status Updated
01/12/2018>Submission: Semi Canary Still Chirping, But He's Gonna Croak i...
01/05/2018>Ever Been Part of a Melt-Up?
12/30/2017>Big Picture Update on Commodities and Precious Metals
12/16/2017>Amid Bad Fundamentals, Gold Sector Rally May Have Begun
12/08/2017>3 Amigos Update
12/07/2017>Precious Metals Breaking Down! 3 Amigos to Abort? 4 Horsemen t...
11/24/2017>Taxes, Macro Signals, Seasonality, US Stocks and Gold Miners
11/21/2017>Operation Twist By Another Name and Method?
11/20/2017>Perspective on the Gold/Oil Ratio, Macro Fundamentals and a Go...
11/11/2017>Macro Plan Still on Track for Stocks, Commodities And Gold
11/05/2017>At the Junction of Risk 'On' and Risk 'Off'
10/28/2017>The Big Macro Play Ahead
10/23/2017>"Great Rotation" Ahead; Will it Be Inflationary or Deflationary?
10/13/2017>Update on Q4 Pivot View for Stocks and Gold
10/05/2017>As Good as it Gets; Like 2000 With a TWIST
09/29/2017>Effective Market Management: Art and Science
09/24/2017>In Marketing and in Markets, Don't be the Mark!
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State of Failure
11 AprThe Recusant1
My, my...James's article almost sounds as if Trump himself might have gassed the people as a deflection and not Syria at all! Why...why...that's co...
State of Failure
09 AprGypsy
The STOCK MARKET trend has been DOWN. In fact, the word after Friday's Crash was "Standby for Monday." In a Moment of Severe Stress, the so-calle...
Flat-Earther FINALLY Launches Himself Into The Air, Crashes, Goes T...
05 Aprsirqitous
Seen realistically, however, this was money well spent for TPTB, even if they never get that loan repaid! As free advertising for the MSM cover st...
Flat-Earther FINALLY Launches Himself Into The Air, Crashes, Goes T...
03 Aprprljr
The really really really really unfortunate thing is that there are people and i use that word "people" lightly, are for no other explanation that ...
Flat-Earther FINALLY Launches Himself Into The Air, Crashes, Goes T...
28 Marprblmsolved
The really unfortunate thing about this story; For that kind of money he probably could have hired someone with access to a modern performance ...
Drums Along the Potomac
23 MarGypsy2
I see there's a HUGE market for Conspiracy Theories and FAKE NEWS in the U.K. ~ from the Top down. Theresa May runs her Conspiracy Theory up her f...
Drums Along the Potomac
18 MarThemis-1
While I, too, don't give a hoot about the Skripals, the UK cannot tolerate foreign agents running amok and potentially endangering innocent British...
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