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11/16/2018>Slowly We Turn... Gold vs.
11/09/2018>Cyclical Commodities Continue to Weaken, Gold Moves in Relation
11/05/2018>Positive Implications for Gold Miners if Crude Oil Breaks Down
10/28/2018>Gold Stocks Will Benefit From Cyclical Change
10/21/2018>SPX/Gold, 30yr Yields and Yield Curve - Amigos 1, 2 and 3 Updated
10/04/2018>SPX/Gold Ratio, Long-term Yields and Yield Curve (3 Amigos Upd...
09/27/2018>NFTRH 518: Precious Metals
09/25/2018>US and Global Market Internals
09/24/2018>US/Global Stocks, Commodities, Precious Metals and the ‘Anti-U...
09/16/2018>Pieces of the US and Global Stock Market Puzzle Come Together
09/10/2018>The Bullish CoT Setups in Gold and Silver
08/31/2018>Gold is the Sun, and an Anchor
08/26/2018>Multi-Market Status: Precious Metals, Commodities, US and Glob...
08/17/2018>What Gold is Not
08/08/2018>Gold's Kill Zone
07/27/2018>SPX 500 vs. Gold; A Closer Look at Risk
07/22/2018>You Buy the Fear in Gold
07/15/2018>A Macro (Amigos) Update for Mid-Summer
07/05/2018>Precious Metals Summer Potential
06/28/2018>Gold Miners/Copper Miners Ratio is Interesting
06/22/2018>3 Amigos (SPX/Gold, Long-term Yields and Yield Curve) Updated
06/18/2018>A Bull in a China Shop
06/14/2018>Inflation Trade, in Progress Since Gold Kicked it Off in Q1 2016
06/06/2018>“It is their job to entertain. It is your job to ignore…”
05/27/2018>Gold, US Stocks and Bonds
05/18/2018>Semiconductor Canaries: Chirp, Warble… Soon a Croak and Silence?
05/14/2018>Still Only 1 of 3 Macro Amigos to Destination
05/04/2018>Macro Changes for Gold and Stocks
04/30/2018>A Gold Sector Fundamental View
04/23/2018>Inflation, With a Shelf Life
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