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07/03/2019>3 Metallic Amigos: Au, Ag & Cu
06/28/2019>Gold Stock Launch in the Books; What's Next
06/20/2019>Gold Miners Waiting on This Chart
06/14/2019>Gold Stock “launch” Is in Line with Fundamentals
04/11/2019>Gold and Silver Still on the Road to a Low Risk Setup
03/29/2019>Palladium, Pall/Gold Ratio, Spx and the Gold Sector
03/17/2019>Hurdles for Gold Stocks
03/04/2019>Gold Sentiment Lesson #3000
02/11/2019>A Precious Metals Update
01/31/2019>Counter-cyclical Winds Blow, Gold Miners Front and Center
01/28/2019>Fed Doves Take Flight
01/21/2019>Semiconductor Sector: Watch the Early Bird in 2019
01/18/2019>SPX and Gold; Pivotal Points at Hand
01/09/2019>Amigos 1 & 2 Arrive, #3 Still Out There (as yield curve flattens)
01/06/2019>Decades of Disinflation and 7 Years Post-Op Twist
12/28/2018>Cyclical Assets vs. Gold
12/21/2018>Jerome 'Dead Eye' Powell
12/20/2018>FOMC at Center Stage
12/14/2018>How Low Could the SPX 500 Go?
12/08/2018>Gold Stocks Acting as They Should During Market Stress
12/05/2018>“Harbinger of Doom”: Amigo 3 in Play, But Real Doom Awaits
12/03/2018>A Post-Powell View of USD, SPX 500 and Gold
11/23/2018>Thanksgiving for Proper Gold Stock Fundamentals
11/16/2018>Slowly We Turn... Gold vs.
11/09/2018>Cyclical Commodities Continue to Weaken, Gold Moves in Relation
11/05/2018>Positive Implications for Gold Miners if Crude Oil Breaks Down
10/28/2018>Gold Stocks Will Benefit From Cyclical Change
10/21/2018>SPX/Gold, 30yr Yields and Yield Curve - Amigos 1, 2 and 3 Updated
10/04/2018>SPX/Gold Ratio, Long-term Yields and Yield Curve (3 Amigos Upd...
09/27/2018>NFTRH 518: Precious Metals
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