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The main purpose of GDP is to make everything look small by comparison
Everett McKinley Dirksen  
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George F. Smith

George F. Smith is the author of The Flight of the Barbarous Relic, a novel about a renegade Fed chairman and the editor of Barbarous
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253 Articles

07/02/2014From the Big Bang to the Internet — to the Singularity?  (4)
07/01/2014From the Big Bang to the Internet — to the Singularity?
06/02/2014Did gold cause the Great Depression?  (6)
05/14/2014The Great Enabler  (3)
04/23/2014Imagine if we had free prices!  (5)
04/08/2014Beware of packaged thinking  (3)
03/31/2014An impossible epiphany  (1)
03/27/2014Is sound money an unsound idea?  (7)
01/09/2014What do you know about inflation?  (4)
01/08/2014What do you know about inflation?
12/24/2013The Cure  (6)
12/18/2013Has the Fed made the world a safer place?  (3)
11/23/2013No money, no problem  (3)
11/22/2013The lost world of the barbarous relic  (6)
11/05/2013The dead end of interventionism  (1)
10/16/2013Monetary policy? Child’s play  (4)
09/10/2013What we're told  (14)
07/09/2013Once upon a time, a man's home was his castle  (9)
07/03/2013The Exit on the Road to Serfdom  (11)
06/26/2013Snowden vs. Bernanke  (12)
06/16/2013The “Case” Against Thomas Paine  (5)
06/04/2013The Pope joins the chorus in blaming free markets  (5)
05/04/2013Would you watch a movie about a counterfeiting cartel?  (4)
04/01/2013In counterfeiting we trust  (3)
03/07/2013Political Purity Arrives in Cyberspace
02/25/2013The $59 Recession Solution  (3)
02/19/2013Currency wars are fiat wars  (3)
01/30/2013Thomas Paine on war, commerce, government, and paper money  (1)
01/29/2013Thomas Paine on war, commerce, government, and paper money
01/22/2013Who Are the Revolutionaries in a Free Market Revolution?
01/18/2013The Economic Superbowl: 1920-1921 versus 1930-1931
01/14/2013Lessons not learned from World War II  (3)
10/30/2012A Review of Gary North's "What is Money?"  (1)
10/10/2012Securing Property Rights in the Absence of a State  (15)
09/17/2012Fiscal Cliffs and Monetary Mountains  (1)
07/30/2012Does the Fed really monetize government debt?  (3)
07/16/2012Honest money in dishonest hands  (5)
06/20/2012Very bad exchanges  (2)
06/13/2012Peter Schiff on avoiding the brick wall  (2)
05/21/2012Ben Bernanke Goes Back to School  (4)
04/06/2012On the Money - A Dime a Gallon  (2)
03/12/2012Unjust Wars, Then and Now  (9)
02/13/2012“Just War” and Debt Becomes Just War and Debt  (5)
02/07/2012Who's the real winner?  (1)
02/06/2012The Heist Known as Fed Accommodation  (6)
01/03/2012Lunch with Ron Paul  (10)
12/28/2011Finding Hope in a World of Perpetual War  (3)
12/12/2011Morgan Monetary Piracy  (4)
11/30/2011This too will be a brutal passage  (2)
11/16/2011Commodity money takes care of itself
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