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01/03/2018>Here's 5 reasons gold stocks will breakout in 2018
12/20/2017>Yellen's December 2017 press conference and gold
12/19/2017>Gold's shooting star and its implications
12/13/2017>Gold traders are ‘jaded' to global fears ahead of expected fed...
12/09/2017>Rick Rule on speculating before a narrative becomes popular
12/02/2017>Gold juniors' Q3'17 fundamentals
12/01/2017>Precious metals video update: downside break coming in gold & ...
11/16/2017>Gold's long-term analogies
11/15/2017>Rick Rule on value investing: "Price is what you pay, value is...
11/07/2017>Oreninc Index update: November 6th, 2017
11/02/2017>How billionaire investors hedge against geopolitical black swans
11/01/2017>Anti-bribery, corruption, and disputes – it's not as easy as ABCD
10/24/2017>Great Lakes economy: Examining the cross-border supply chain
10/24/2017>Chart of the day – Nasdaq, QE and 0% interest rates
10/11/2017>Oreninc Index Update: October 9th, 2017
10/07/2017>Room for further gold price declines until Fed sends dovish si...
09/23/2017>Blockchain technology is a space I love, says Frank Holmes
09/09/2017>Chart of the week: Economic Power
09/06/2017>Oreninc Index – Tuesday, September 5, 2017
08/19/2017>Six precious metal explorers that may hit it big this summer
08/16/2017>Is this the start of a hot new metals bull market?
08/15/2017>Precious metals nearing breakout
08/09/2017>Oreninc Index – Monday, August 7th, 2017
08/02/2017>What a US$ rebound means for gold
07/26/2017>5 Things I Look for in Exploration Companies
07/25/2017>Mickey Fulp – The power of two
07/20/2017>Gold's win streak at risk as dollar crawls up from 10-month lows
07/15/2017>Steady progress pushes Canadian explorer to dig deeper and exp...
07/12/2017>Undervalued companies for the precious metal portfolio
07/08/2017>Gold stocks' summer bottom
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Who Moved My Xanax?
17 JanThemis-1
I actually agree with a lot of what Trump says while deploring the tone and his lack of judgment in making such remarks publically while in office.
Socialist Dystopia: Starving Venezuelans Loot As Runaway Inflation ...
17 JanThemis
There is a 19th century English word that is particularly appropriate in this instance - "kakistocracy", i.e. government by the worst or least qual...
Who Moved My Xanax?
15 JanMr. Gnawbone
It is an exploitation of the ignorant and uninformed population, but that is what happens when they pay attention to meaningless information and ...
15 JanMr. Gnawbone1
It sounds racist, so it has to be. Overton Bubble at work, the faculty were programed to respond as if to a Pavlovian Bell. There is no way to ch...
16 Jandennyc1
Ah, yes, black welfare recipients receiving our hard earned and easily spent tax dollars and providing us nothing save their lives for our investme...
15 JanDoom2
It's not just the English that is considered RACIST, it's also mathematics, and a wide range of other things: http://professorconfess.blogspot...
2018: The Wrong Lesson on Gold Investing
14 JanThe Recusant
As you say, it's only what the central banks do that matters. Gold and its little brother silver are the only true measures of fiat currencies and ...
One-year score card for Trump
13 JanS W.
Everything else aside, Donald Trump has a very small mouth, combined with the weirdest lip action and pouting of any person I have ever seen.
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