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It is said that the Swiss only love money… this is not true. They also love gold
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Gold 1241.893.79
Silver 17.400.15
Platinum 1264.7510.55
Palladium 755.204.30
DOWJONES 16379261
NASDAQ 425841
NIKKEI 15111579
ASX 530747
CAC 40 4007-26
DAX 8764-86
HUI 187-7
XAU 77-2
AUS $ 1.4577
CAN $ 1.4383
US $ 1.2775
GBP (£) 0.7926
Sw Fr 1.2060
YEN 136.6510
AUS $ 1.1411
CAN $ 1.1257
Euro 0.7828
GBP (£) 0.6205
Sw Fr 0.9439
YEN 106.9620
Gold / Silver71.37
Gold / Oil15.12
Dowjones / Gold13.19
Copper 3.04-0.02
WTI Oil 82.110.49
Nat. Gas 3.74-0.03
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07/10/2013Madness of the crowds
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05/15/2013Is this the end of the gold bull?  (2)
05/08/2013Economic 'recovery' built on sand
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04/26/2013Silver price enjoys strongest one-day gain for 15 months  (2)
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03/25/2013Troika reaches bailout deal with Cyprus government
03/23/2013No solution to Cyprus problem
03/21/2013From Russia with love?
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03/15/2013The madness of crowds  (1)
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03/08/2013Stock market hype ignores inflation  (1)
03/04/2013James Turk's interview with Beurs Magazine  (1)
03/02/2013Social unrest and inflation  (2)
02/27/2013Gold price surge as Bernanke’s doves fly again
02/25/2013UK downgrade knocks sterling  (2)
02/23/2013No way out for central banks  (5)
02/20/2013Market awaits Fed minutes
02/18/2013G20 on currency wars: ‘nothing to see here folks’
02/18/2013Central bank gold demand at post-1964 high
02/14/2013Gold consolidation, but no capitulation  (1)
02/12/2013G20 meeting amid increasing currency tensions  (3)
02/08/2013Gold prices: it’s all relative  (1)
02/07/2013S&P commodity index records strongest ever start to a year  (1)
02/01/2013GDP data shakes confidence
01/31/2013Debt ceiling to be ‘temporarily suspended’?  (1)
01/28/2013Platinum/gold spread widening
01/28/2013US recovery weakest on record  (2)
01/24/2013Palladium price gains forecast
01/23/2013South Africa: Amplats' plans lift platinum price
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