Henk Krasenberg presents information in mining and exploration developments in Africa, the richest natural resource continent on Earth.
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04/24/2010>The controversy goes on... Only time will tell
03/30/2010>Gold : the pigs don't want to eat it and it's too cold to slee...
01/08/2010>A new world is coming with new Gold records
10/05/2009>The dance around the IMF Gold sales shows
08/03/2009>Mining in Africa Report : Solid Minerals in West Africa
07/09/2009>$ 1,000 Gold will attract new investors, African Gold Mines to...
07/01/2009>I thought the Old Saying "Sell In May And Go Away"...
06/01/2009>Gold seems ready to surprise the world of international finance
01/01/2009>Gold Ready For A New Phase
02/01/2008>From $1 000 to $2 000 ? What Market Will That Be ?
05/01/2007>Dr Martin Murenbelld Predicts Continuation Of Strong Gold Mark...
03/01/2007>Mining And Metals Sectors Strong And Preparing For Next Rally
01/01/2007>Market Is Still Building Base For The Next Phase Of The Bull M...
10/02/2006>It Is Easy To Say That You Think Mining And...
10/01/2006>Although I Believe In Fundamentals, Evaluation Of World Devele...
09/01/2006>What Is The Market Telling Us ?
08/01/2006>The Market Is Using The Holiday Period To Find Its Way At Its ...
07/01/2006>The Correction May Not Be Over Yet But Game In Still Very Much On
06/01/2006>Strong Correction Is Only Healthy To Test Significant Underlyi...
05/01/2006>In A Market That Moves Fast Corrections Are Part Of The Game
04/01/2006>Welcome To The Levels Of $600 Gold, $12 Level Silver,...
03/01/2006>Gold Is The Only Metal We Do Not Need
02/01/2006>The Sounds Of The Music That Makes The Song Are Becoming Loude...
01/02/2006>2006: One Of The Most Fascinating Years
01/01/2006>2005: It Was A Very Good Year !!!
12/02/2005>Gold Is Surprising Friend And Foe !
12/01/2005>We Have Entered New Times
10/01/2005>Confidence Should Replace Fear, Or Is It The Other Way Around ?
09/01/2005>Gold On Higher Grounds Brings The Industry Into The Limelight
08/01/2005>New Interesting Season With A Lot Of International Activities
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