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09/15/2013>Sept 15, 1939 How did Poland’s gold end up in the Bank of Engl...
08/10/2012>Hear how under orders there were 9,000 US gold mines shut down
09/12/2011>Gold and Silver were brought here by comets and asteroids
04/04/2011>King Ibn Saud’s 35,000 British sovereigns – Gold’s historic un...
03/31/2011>A History of Rigged & Fraudulent Oil Prices (and What It Can T...
10/06/2010>The Deep Cause Of The Great Financial Crisis: The Peace Diktat...
09/20/2010>Did France cause the Great Depression ?
07/22/2010>Swiss National Bank sales: lessons and experiences
07/12/2010>(-1780) Gold and Silver in the Code of Hammurabi
06/09/2010>The mystery of the Gold Certificates
04/27/2010>Lessons of History
03/28/2010>The US Constitution and Money
03/28/2010>The US Constitution and Money
02/15/2010>April 2, 1792 : The US Coinage Act
02/14/2010>Bits of Australia’s Gold history
12/31/2009>   Stranger than Fiction: The Bre-X Gold Scandal
11/16/2009>How the Fed helped Pay for World World I
11/09/2009>   The history of Bimetallism in the United States
10/21/2009>So where's Yamashita's silver?
09/25/2009>Declassified State Dept Data Highlights Global High-Level Arra...
06/29/2009>The War on Gold II
06/04/2009>The Yankee Dollar Can't Save You This Time
05/04/2009>A Short History of the Gold Cartel
04/23/2009>The Gold Wars
03/31/2009>The Losing Battle to Fix Gold at $35, Part II
03/13/2009>April 5, 1933 : The Gold Confiscation Executive Order 6102
02/20/2009>The Losing Battle to Fix Gold at $ 35
02/04/2009>The Long-Run Value of Gold, Part II
11/20/2008>The Second London Gold Pool is Dying
09/04/2008>Gold market and prices 1800-2008
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Why You Must Own Silver in 2018
I don't know about your prediction, but, yeah, until the "we can short it infinitely often" issue is addressed, silver can only be whatever price t...
Why You Must Own Silver in 2018
Silver over $20.00 US, pipe dream much. Never happen. Silver will be capped with untold millions of ounces of naked shorts. The Bullion Banks and C...
Predicting The Next Crisis, Programming Behavior: “The Ability To T...
18 JanS W.
Excellent article with a small touch of healthy paranoia. Good idea, 'leave the phone at home sometimes' Go smell the roses !
18 JanS W.
Fancy specialising in race and gender studies ! And then do exactly what? I suspect, write papers ad infinitum that hardly anyone would read.
Who Moved My Xanax?
17 JanThemis0
I actually agree with a lot of what Trump says while deploring the tone and his lack of judgment in making such remarks publically while in office.
Socialist Dystopia: Starving Venezuelans Loot As Runaway Inflation ...
17 JanThemis
There is a 19th century English word that is particularly appropriate in this instance - "kakistocracy", i.e. government by the worst or least qual...
Who Moved My Xanax?
15 JanMr. Gnawbone1
It is an exploitation of the ignorant and uninformed population, but that is what happens when they pay attention to meaningless information and ...
15 JanMr. Gnawbone1
It sounds racist, so it has to be. Overton Bubble at work, the faculty were programed to respond as if to a Pavlovian Bell. There is no way to ch...
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