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231 Articles

11/19/2012India's inflation pressures stay high
09/07/2012Brazil posts fastest inflation for August in 5 years
08/30/2012Inflation adds to Spanish woes with jump to 2.7 per cent
01/13/2012A Fund sees Zimbabwe-style inflation if Greece exits euro
01/09/2012South Sudan inflation eases to 65.6 pct in December  (1)
12/23/2011Vietnam inflation rate jumps to nearly 19 percent
12/22/2011High inflation pushes up cost of Christmas dinners
12/21/2011Canada’s Inflation is poised to hit 20-year high
12/17/2011Tanzania yr/yr inflation rises to 19.2 pct in Nov
12/16/2011Vast majority of pay awards lag behind inflation
12/13/2011November inflation seen easing to 9.04 pct
12/13/2011Russia lowers inflation forecast for 2011
12/13/2011 Latvian inflation increases to 4,2 % year-on-year
12/12/2011India : Urban households expect inflation to be 12.9% by Sept
12/12/2011Egypt Nov inflation surges to 9.1% on rising food prices
12/08/2011Chile’s inflation rate raises to 3.9%
12/05/2011Turkey’s Consumer Inflation Rate Rises to 19-Month High After ...
11/30/2011Kenyan inflation rate nears 20 per cent
11/28/2011 Tajikistan : Inflation for jan-oct 2011 estimated at 8,9 %
11/28/2011Ugandans battle soaring inflation
11/25/2011Russia : Inflation Seen Breaching 7%
11/25/2011India’s October Inflation Exceeds 9% for 11th...
11/24/2011Korea : Inflation continues to top expectations at 4.1%
11/24/2011Mukherjee expects inflation to moderate
11/24/2011SA producer inflation up 10.6%
11/24/2011Zambia inflation eases to 8.1 pct in Nov
11/09/2011Inflation hits 30.5% in Ouganda
11/02/2011They’re Trying to Fool You Into Believing That Inflation Is No...
11/01/2011Inflation and German sensibilities
05/12/2011Inflation fears : Real or Hysteria ?
03/23/2011Does Economic Growth Cause Inflation ?
03/08/2011Inflation... It's What's For Dinner
02/07/2011The real reason for rising commodity prices
01/25/2011Inflated Prices
01/06/2011FAO food price index hits record high in December
01/02/2011Venezuela Devalues Bolivar For Imported `Essential Goods,' Uni...
12/08/2010   Currency Failures from Argentina to Zimbabwe: A Brief ...
11/13/2010Turkey Prices Hit Record Before Thanksgiving on Feed Costs
10/19/2010More Inflation Fears
09/30/2010An Inflationary Cocktail in the Making
08/11/2010Food inflation is a rumble that won't go away
08/05/2010Wheat futures rally after Russia bans grain exports
08/03/2010Wheat Soars; Rogers Sees 'Much Higher' Food Prices
08/03/2010Fed Printing May Create 'Final Crisis': Marc Faber
07/30/2010FOA on inflation
07/26/2010India warned of stagflation risk as price of food soars
07/14/2010Inflation : the runaway train
05/21/2010Deficit Financing" and Inflation
05/20/2010   Meltup - New viral video from
05/10/2010Inflation: A Positive Development for the Astute Investor
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