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12/06/2017>Silver’s Positive Fundamentals Due To Strong Demand In Key Gro...
12/01/2017>Risk Of Online Accounts Seen As One of Largest Brokerages In W...
11/29/2017>Own Gold Bullion To “Support National Security” – Russian Cent...
11/24/2017>Buy Gold As Fed Shows Uncertainty And Concern Over Financial ‘...
11/23/2017>Brexit Budget – Grim Outlook As UK Economy Downgraded
11/22/2017>Deepening Crisis In Hyper-inflationary Venezuela and Zimbabwe
11/22/2017>Geopolitical Risk Highest “In Four Decades” – Gold Demand in G...
11/21/2017>Gold Versus Bitcoin: The Pro-Gold Argument Takes Shape
11/18/2017>Is New Fed Chief A “Swamp Critter Extraordinaire”?
11/15/2017>Protect Your Savings With Gold: ECB Propose End To Deposit Pro...
11/14/2017>Internet Shutdowns Show Physical Gold Is Ultimate Protection
11/09/2017>Prepare For Interest Rate Rises And Global Debt Bubble Collapse
11/07/2017>World’s Largest Gold Producer China Sees Production Fall 10%
11/06/2017>German Investors Now World’s Largest Gold Buyers
11/03/2017>Gold Price Reacts as Central Banks Start Major Change
11/03/2017>Why Switzerland Could Save the World and Protect Your Gold
11/01/2017>Invest In Gold To Defend Against Bail-ins
11/01/2017>Stumbling UK Economy Shows Importance of Gold
10/27/2017>Russia Buys 34 Tonnes Of Gold In September
10/26/2017>Gold Will Be Safe Haven Again In Looming EU Crisis
10/25/2017>Gold Is Valuable Due to “Extreme Rarity” – Must See CNN Video
10/24/2017>Gold Is Better Store of Value Than Bitcoin – Goldman Sachs
10/24/2017>Next Wall Street Crash Looms? Lessons On Anniversary Of 1987 C...
10/21/2017>Gold Up 74% Since Last Market Peak 10 Years Ago
10/20/2017>Brexit UK Vulnerable As Gold Bar Exports Distort UK Trade Figures
10/20/2017>How Gold Bullion Protects From Conflict And War
10/13/2017>U.S. Mint Gold Coin Sales and VIX Point To Increased Market Vo...
10/11/2017>London House Prices Are Falling – Time to Buckle Up
10/07/2017>Survey shows UK and US Pensions Crisis is Imminent
10/05/2017>Yahoo Hacking Highlights Cyber Risk and Increasing Importance ...
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Stephen Hawking – Doomsday Prophet’s Top Five Predictions
19 MarThemis1
Stephen Hawking may have been brilliant in his own sphere of science. This does not necessarily equip him to make accurate pronouncements about ot...
Stephen Hawking – Doomsday Prophet’s Top Five Predictions
17 MarWatchdoctor3
In my opinion, yet another NASA actor promoting ''leaving the earth'' as a viable alternative to living in peace with our neighbours. Not even sure...
Drums Along the Potomac
18 MarThemis1
While I, too, don't give a hoot about the Skripals, the UK cannot tolerate foreign agents running amok and potentially endangering innocent British...
School Daze
15 MarJ.
@bfsiedel, While I agree with much of what you posted, regarding whether or not school is broken depends upon one's expectations of public school....
School Daze
12 Marbfsiegel1
The part that I find troubling in these conversations, regardless of perspective, is how much they revolve around the extremes. i.e. situations and...
School Daze
12 Marbfsiegel1
The part that I find troubling in these conversations, regardless of perspective, is how much they revolve around the extremes. i.e. situations and...
End Times at the OD Corral
08 Marprljr1
After all; ALL the POWERS ~ The Banksters, The Pentagon, Wall Street, The Israelis, The Oil Companies and the Quasi Rich ~ are getting EVERYTHING t...
Gold $10,000? Goldnomics Podcast Quotations and Transcript
07 MarS W.
So you swap your dollars for gold in the hope that it will go to 10,000 and then you swap your gold back and have more dollars. In the end you ...
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