Jon Matonis is an Austrian School economist focused on expanding the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies. He argues that what is about to happen in the world of money is nothing less than the birth of a new Knowledge Age industry: the development, issuance, and management of private currencies.
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07/14/2016>It's Not About the Technology, It's About the Money
05/02/2016>How I Met Satoshi
10/01/2015>Jon Matonis: "Banking cartels could use private blockchains as...
08/01/2015>Bitcoin is Not Compatible With the State
08/01/2015>Bitcoin is Not Campatible With the State
07/15/2015>Bitcoin Is Sedition
04/14/2015>Former Bitcoin Foundation Director Joins Board of First Global...
03/29/2015>The Finanser Interviews Jon Matonis
03/22/2015>Bitcoin and iGaming: Disruption Comes From Your Blind Spot
02/02/2015>Volatility, Deflation and Manipulation: A Response to Bitcoin'...
11/29/2014>Bitcoin Needs an Aggressive Legal Defense
10/26/2014>Why Bitcoin Needs an ISO-Certified Currency Code
10/02/2014>12 Ways to Measure the Bitcoin Network's Health
08/23/2014>CFPB Warning Ignores Bitcoin’s Consumer Protections
08/05/2014>Bitcoins Affected by New York's BitLicense May Trade at Discount
07/29/2014>Beyond New York: What Lies Ahead for Bitcoin
07/22/2014>The Bitcoin Mining Arms Race: and the 51% Issue
07/06/2014>Why the OECD Needs to do its Homework on Bitcoin
07/01/2014>Government Sale of Bitcoin Establishes Fungibility Precedent
06/22/2014>In Search of the Ideal Bitcoin Jurisdiction
06/05/2014>DISH, Overstock, and Bootstrapping a New Currency
06/01/2014>Inching Towards Bitcoin Derivatives
05/12/2014>When Payments Become Political Weapons of Mass Destruction
04/23/2014>The Bitcoin Word Game
04/05/2014>IRS Bitcoin Ruling May Have a Bright Side
03/31/2014>New Binary Options Trading Service Takes Bitcoin-Only Payments
03/27/2014>How Bitcoin Smashes Mobile Payments Barriers
03/22/2014>A Taxonomy of Bitcoin Mixing Services for Policymakers
02/28/2014>Market-Based Reactions To New Bitcoin Regulation
02/24/2014>The Evolution of the Bitcoin Clearing House
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A North Korean EMP Attack Can Create 90+ Fukushimas in the U.S.
12 DecThe Recusant1
Setting aside the sensationalist fearmongering of the article, the fact is that the NRC requires U.S. nuclear power plants to be able to shut down ...
Six Ways US Stocks Most Overvalued in History
12 DecThe Recusant
The problem with the current massive indebtedness of countries is that the central banks are now creating fantasy currency to accommodate the finan...
The Flat Earth Society Responded To A Tweet By Elon Musk: ‘Thanks F...
11 DecS W.-1
Thanks for letting me state my opinion! Your comment is insulting. Try as I might I am yet to find any scientific evidence of AGW or the e...
Peter Schiff Warns Of CRASH: ‘Everybody Is Going To Get Wiped Out!’
08 DecThe Recusant
"Schiff also said no one knows when this is going to happen for sure, only that it will happen." Peter has been warning of the next crash for years...
Meet The World’s Most Powerful Bitcoin Backers
07 Decsonora69
Why run a business or work for one when you can mine bitcoins for the price of the servers and electricity? The higher the price of bitcoin, the mo...
What Now?
04 DecDoom
Mathematically, doubling down is an amazingly powerful strategy...until it isn't.
The Flat Earth Society Responded To A Tweet By Elon Musk: ‘Thanks F...
03 DecS W.
I put the Flat Earthers in the same category as those who believe there is a God, a Heaven and a Hell.
Whipping-Post Politics
02 DecMr. Gnawbone1
I couldn't agree more, Keillor's dismissal was a bridge too far, but it is reflective of the fear, by Boards of Directors across the US, guiding ...
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