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01/11/2013>Taking Advantage of Recent Lows in the Volatility Index
12/07/2012>What the VIX Term Structure is Saying About the Fiscal Cliff
11/25/2012>Why the SP 500 and Gold Rallied in the Face of Negative News
11/14/2012>Google Earnings Trading Idea
10/16/2012>Using a Triple Calendar Spread to Trade Google Earnings
10/10/2012>Using Short Strangles to Trade AAPL Options
09/26/2012>Creating Portfolio Income Trading Naked Puts in XOM
09/05/2012>Ignoring Liquidity is a Recipe for Option Trading Losses
08/29/2012>Monitoring Implied Volatility is Critical for Option Traders
08/22/2012>AAPL Trade Considerations for Option Expiration Week
08/20/2012>Copper Prices Signaling a Top in the SP 500
08/08/2012>The Examination Of AAPL Earnings Trade Idea – Part II
07/30/2012>The Federal Reserve, Gold, Oil, and the Dollar's Demise
07/24/2012>Using Options to Trade AAPL Earnings
07/12/2012>Option Greeks: Diving into Delta
07/04/2012>Using Standard Deviation & Probability to Trade Options
07/03/2012>Is the SP 500 Closing in on a Top?
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