Koos Jansen is a Precious Metals Analyst from the Netherlands. Koos mainly provides unique insights about the Chinese gold market.
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04/06/2018>China’s Secret Gold Supplier Is Singapore
03/29/2018>Audits Of US Monetary Gold Severely Lack Credibility
01/05/2018>How The West Has Been Selling Gold Into A Black Hole
11/16/2017>China Gold Import Jan-Sep 777t. Who’s Supplying
10/16/2017>The Gold-Backed-Oil-Yuan Futures Contract Myth
08/01/2017>Estimated Chinese Gold Reserves Surpass 20,000t
07/23/2017>Did The Dutch Central Bank Lie About Its Gold Bar List?
07/20/2017>PBOC Gold Purchases: Separating Facts from Speculation
02/27/2017>US Mint Releases New Fort Knox “Audit Documentation”. The Firs...
02/15/2017>China Net Imported 1,300t Of Gold In 2016
01/25/2017>Why SGE Withdrawals Equal Chinese Gold Demand And Why Not – Th...
01/01/2017>Chinese Gold Lease Market And Chinese Commodity Financing Deal...
12/29/2016>China’s Gold Market Opens Up To Boost RMB Internationalization
12/13/2016>NOVEMBER: Gold Price Down, Chinese Demand Strong Despite Impor...
12/08/2016>Gold In London & Hong Kong Is Used To Settle COMEX Futures
12/04/2016>Debunking GFMS’ Gold Demand Statistics
11/30/2016>The Value-added Tax System In China’s Domestic Gold Market
11/27/2016>Q1 – Q3 2016 China Net Gold Import Hits 905 Tonnes
11/21/2016>Synthetic Gold Leasing: More Details Regarding The “Precious M...
11/15/2016>Dear US Mint, We Gave You The FOIA Funds, Now Give Us The Fort...
10/31/2016>Gold Is Going To Play A Role In A New Monetary System. Intervi...
10/24/2016>Central Bank Austria Claims To Have Audited Gold at BOE. Refus...
10/20/2016>The Great Physical Gold Supply & Demand Illusion
10/03/2016>How Constant Is Gold’s Purchasing Power?
09/08/2016>China’s Rising Gold ETF Market: A Hybrid
09/02/2016>What Are These Huge Tonnages In “Precious Metals” On Chinese C...
08/29/2016>Dutch Central Bank Refuses To Publish Gold Bar List For Dubiou...
08/23/2016>Song Xin: Increase Gold Reserves And Join SDR.
08/19/2016>The Power Of The Gold Community: Crowdfunding For FOIA Request...
08/18/2016>Spectacular Chinese Gold Demand 2015 Fully Denied By GFMS And ...
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