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Mark O'Byrne

Mark O'Byrne is Executive Director of Gold Investments. He is regularly quoted and writes in the international financial media and was awarded Ireland's prestigious Money Mate and Investor Magazine Financial Analyst of 2006. He is a financial analyst who believes that due to the current macroeconomic and geopolitical situation, saving and investing a small portion of one's wealth in precious metals is both prudent and wise.
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957 Articles

04/17/2014Ukraine Currency Collapses Nearly 70% Against Gold In 4 Months  (1)
04/16/2014Bail-Ins Approved By EU Yesterday - Deposits Over €100,000 Vul...  (1)
04/15/201485% of Pension Funds Will Go Bust Within 30 Years  (1)
04/14/2014Palladium, Gas And Wheat Surge On Russian Supply Fears
04/11/2014Prepare For Dollar Collapse With 10% To 33% Allocation To Gold...  (5)
04/10/2014Bail-In Regime Facing Increasing Opposition In EU  (1)
04/09/2014Gold and Oil Rise As U.S. - Russia Relations Deteriorate Sharply
04/08/2014UK Accounting “Radical Overhaul” Turns UK Into Nation Of Saver...  (1)
04/07/2014UK Government Powers To Confiscate Deposits Faces Backlash  (1)
04/04/2014Faber On Gold Manipulation, Fed Gold and Importance Of Not Sto...  (2)
04/03/2014Banks Risk "Bail-In" - New Rating Agency
04/02/2014Faber - “How Could You NOT Own Gold?”  (1)
04/02/2014UK Budget Allows Bank Accounts To Be Raided  (3)
03/31/2014Dr Marc Faber: Entering Terminal Phase Of Fed Bubbles  (2)
03/28/2014Fed Stress Tests “Rattle Banks Around The World”  (2)
03/27/2014UK Housing Boom Could Turn To Bust … Again  (1)
03/26/2014Russia Raises Gold Holdings By 7.247 Tonnes To Over 1,040 Tonn...  (1)
03/25/2014Iraq Buys Massive 36 Tonnes Of Gold In March
03/24/2014Gold Analysts Bearish This Week - Most Bearish Since 2009
03/21/2014EU Agrees Banking Union - Bail-Ins Cometh ...  (3)
03/20/2014ATMs Globally At Risk Of Hacking And Viruses From April 8  (2)
03/19/2014Russia's Lavrov Warns U.S. Crimea Sanctions "Unacceptable" And...  (2)
03/18/2014Russian Sanctions May Create Serious Supply Shortages For Plat...
03/14/2014‘Lehman Moment’ Coming? Chinese Credit Markets Freeze  (1)
03/13/2014Russia May Retaliate Sanctions By Demanding Payment For Export...  (2)
03/12/2014Bank Of England Warns Of Dangers Of Rising House Prices - “Tem...  (1)
03/11/2014Bitcoin Exchange 'Faced 150,000 Hack Attacks Every Second’ Sho...  (2)
03/10/2014Gold Hedges Against Surge In Cost Of Bread, Eggs, Beer and Fuel  (1)
03/07/2014Is London’s Property Bubble Set To Burst?  (1)
03/06/2014'Bail-in' Risks See Europe Banks Get Downgrade Warning  (1)
03/05/2014Palladium Jumps To 11 Month High Of $770/oz On Deficit Concerns
03/04/2014Putin Adviser Warns U.S. On USD As Reserve Currency And “Crash...  (6)
03/03/2014Stocks Tumble, Supply Concerns See Food, Energy And Precious M...  (1)
02/28/2014Ukraine Bank Runs Could Soon Be Seen In EU And U.S.  (3)
02/27/2014Ukrainian Currency Collapses By 28% Against Gold In 4 Days  (3)
02/26/2014Bitcoin Exchange Goes “Dark” - $350 Million Theft Claim  (3)
02/25/2014Gold At 4 Month High - Concerns About China Property Bubble Grow
02/24/2014Gold Price Rigging Fears Put Investors On Alert - FT  (1)
02/21/2014China Plans Massive 1,500 Tonne Gold Storage Vault In Qianhai  (1)
02/20/2014Asia Imports Huge 80% Of Swiss Gold And Silver Exports In January  (1)
02/19/2014Celente Warns On Dollar and Euro - “Which One Is Going To Go F...  (1)
02/18/2014Global Gold Coin And Bar Demand Surged 28% To Record 1,654 Ton...  (2)
02/17/2014Silver Surges By 6% In Shanghai - Longest Run Of Gains Since 1968  (1)
02/15/2014Gold’s Technicals Support Positive Fundamentals - 9 Key Charts  (2)
02/13/2014EU Sees “Personal Pension Savings” As “Plug” For Banks  (2)
02/12/2014BOE Stress Testing Banks For Property Crash - Risk Of Bail-Ins  (2)
02/11/2014Gold Rallies Ahead Of Yellen Testimony - Up 6.6% YTD  (1)
02/10/2014China Gold Buying Surges 41% To 1,176 Tonnes In 2013  (1)
02/07/2014Gold Is Safe Haven - Growing Consensus In Latest Academic and ...  (2)
02/06/2014ECB, BOE Debasement Continues - Interest Rates Remain At 300 Y...  (1)
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