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Gold 1171.10-27.50
Silver 16.10-0.38
Platinum 1233.30-5.00
Palladium 790.5014.60
DOWJONES 17391182
NASDAQ 463165
NIKKEI 16414756
ASX 550548
CAC 40 423392
DAX 9327212
HUI 156-8
XAU 65-3
AUS $ 1.4236
CAN $ 1.4111
US $ 1.2526
GBP (£) 0.7829
Sw Fr 1.2056
YEN 140.7240
AUS $ 1.1365
CAN $ 1.1265
Euro 0.7984
GBP (£) 0.6251
Sw Fr 0.9624
YEN 112.3390
Gold / Silver72.74
Gold / Oil14.79
Dowjones / Gold14.85
Copper 3.07-0.01
WTI Oil 79.20-1.32
Nat. Gas 3.890.06
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Mary Anne & Pamela Aden

Mary Anne & Pamela Aden are well known analysts and editors of The Aden Forecast, a market newsletter named 2010 Letter of the year provides specific forecasts and recommendations on gold, stocks, interest rates and the other major markets. For more information, go to
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106 Articles

09/25/2014Strong Dollar Pressures Gold  (2)
08/22/2014Big Picture: Most Important  (7)
07/29/2014Still Looking Good  (2)
06/15/2014Gold Finally Bombed Out  (7)
03/17/2014In Need of Financial Safety  (2)
02/22/2014Off To A Good 2014 Start  (8)
01/03/2014Optimist or Pessimist? Gold is Telling a Story  (6)
11/27/2013At a Crossroads
11/27/2013At a Crossroads
10/30/2013As Good As It Gets... For A Buy
09/27/2013Seeds Of Change Growing  (5)
08/31/2013A Bombed Out Market is Bottoming  (2)
08/05/2013Believe It or Not: Gold's 8-Year Cycle Still on Track  (3)
05/17/2013A Wounded Bull
11/23/2012Gold's Bull Market Almost 12 Years Old!  (3)
08/25/2012Get Ready for Take Off!  (5)
07/25/2012Lows In The Making  (2)
06/22/2012Summer Lows At Hand?  (1)
05/02/2012Gold: Volatile Within A Bull Market  (1)
03/26/2012Taking a Breather  (3)
12/20/2011A Year For The History Books  (2)
12/17/2011Gold's Bull Market
11/23/2011Gold is Still Good  (1)
10/28/2011Gold is Shining Again  (2)
09/16/2011Run To Safety  (17)
07/26/2011Gold: Super Strong
03/29/2011The Never Ending Surge…
02/18/2011Gold’s Bull Market  (1)
10/26/2010Gold: Further to Run  (1)
10/15/2010Gold: Strong Bullish Action  (2)
09/20/2010Gold Is On the Move  (1)
06/22/2010Golden Times  (3)
04/28/2010Many New Highs for the Year  (1)
04/02/2010Doubt and Uncertainty are Commonplace
02/16/2010Gold's Bull Market Turns 9 Years Old
01/12/20102009: A Good Year
11/24/2009Gold in the Limelight
08/14/2009The Commodity World is Growing in Strength
07/14/2009Rising Markets See Brighter Times
03/24/2009What a Week!
02/24/2009GOLD: More Strength on the Way
01/27/2009Obama optimism = early positive signs
01/04/2009Ready to Rebound?
12/31/2008The End of a Bad Year
11/28/2008Some Positive Signs
10/11/2008Financial History in the making
08/28/2008The Bull is Still in Charge
07/26/2008A Turbulent Month
07/04/2008Global Inflation: The Next Major Obstacle
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