Originally trained during the inflationary 1970s, Michael Ballanger, director of wealth management at Richardson GMP, is a graduate of Saint Louis University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in finance and a Bachelor of Art in marketing before completing post-graduate work at the Wharton School of Finance. With more than 30 years of experience as a junior mining and exploration specialist, as well as a solid background in corporate finance, Ballanger's adherence to the concept of "Hard Assets" allows him to focus the practice on selecting opportunities in the global resource sector with emphasis on the precious metals exploration and development sector. Ballanger takes great pleasure in visiting mineral properties around the globe in the never-ending hunt for early-stage opportunities.
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05/13/2019>A Mind Reader's Guide to the Global Markets Galaxy: 'Surreal'
05/07/2019>Subliminal Capitulation
04/30/2019>Precious Metals: Carpe Diem
04/22/2019>Masochism and the Average Gold Investor
04/15/2019>God Bless Winston
04/09/2019>Rudderless Ships and Shifting Sentiment
04/04/2019>April Fools' Day and the Specter of a 'Blow-Off Top'
04/01/2019>Confusion Reigns (Or What to Do When Nothing Makes Sense)
03/25/2019>Post Quadruple Witching Week: Just Like Clockwork
03/21/2019>Aging in the New World Order of Managed Markets
03/21/2019>Quadruple-Witching Leading into Saint Paddy's Day
03/17/2019>Quadruple-Witching Leading into Saint Paddy's Day
03/10/2019>'Up-to-Date' COT Report: A Maddening D?j? Vu
03/10/2019>'Up-to-Date' COT Report: A Maddening D?j? Vu
03/09/2019>Precious Metals Reentry Time: Not Ideal but Enough for a Trade
03/08/2019>Precious Metals Reentry Time: Not Ideal but Enough for a Trade
03/04/2019>Bear Market Rallies: The Nascent Narcotic
02/26/2019>The Mirage Called 'Modern Monetary Theory'
02/23/2019>Gold: Short-Term Storm Clouds Appearing
02/22/2019>The Importance of Being Prudent (and Using Stop-Loss Orders)
02/13/2019>A Most-Revealing COT Comparison
02/07/2019>A Critical Near-Term Juncture for the Precious Metals
02/06/2019>The Time to Be Short (Again) Has Arrived
01/30/2019>The Boxing Day Shift
01/21/2019>Navigating Around the 'Invisible Hand'
01/15/2019>Beware the "ZeroHedge Trap"
01/08/2019>Trophic Cascade?
12/31/2018>2019: Mayhem, Misallocation and the Mockery of True Price Disc...
12/20/2018>Forget the Noise, Follow the Dollar
12/11/2018>A Certain Perspective
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