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Gold 1238.57-2.43
Silver 17.11-0.03
Platinum 1253.50-1.60
Palladium 761.70-3.60
DOWJONES 16461-154
NASDAQ 4383-37
NIKKEI 15139-57
ASX 5370-3
CAC 40 411711
DAX 898949
HUI 185-6
XAU 76-3
AUS $ 1.4413
CAN $ 1.4234
US $ 1.2662
GBP (£) 0.7904
Sw Fr 1.2066
YEN 136.1660
AUS $ 1.1384
CAN $ 1.1241
Euro 0.7898
GBP (£) 0.6243
Sw Fr 0.9529
YEN 107.5310
Gold / Silver72.39
Gold / Oil15.45
Dowjones / Gold13.29
Copper 3.040.02
WTI Oil 80.180.05
Nat. Gas 3.63-0.03
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Michael J. Panzner

Michael J. Panzner is a 25-year veteran of the global stock, bond, and currency markets and the author of Financial Armageddon: Protecting Your Future from Four Impending Catastrophes, published by Kaplan Publishing.
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1158 Articles

02/18/2013Podcast: Blast From the Past  (1)
02/16/2013Pensions: The Need-to-Know Guide
02/13/2013U.S. Employment Data: A Curious Divergence  (2)
01/07/2013Podcast: Paradigm Shift
12/19/2012Sooner Rather Than Later  (1)
12/05/2012The Downside of Easy Money  (1)
12/04/2012The Out-of-Touch-With-Reality Crowd  (2)
10/16/2012Risk of Downturn Is High  (1)
10/11/2012What You MIght Have Missed…  (2)
10/08/2012A Post on the Housing Market...and the End of an Era at Financ...  (1)
10/04/2012ADP Report: Some (Still) Not Doing Their Part  (1)
10/03/2012Gold & Silver Market Morning  (1)
09/28/2012Stock Prices vs. Durable Goods Orders: Disconnected
09/27/2012Watch Out Below  (2)
09/26/2012(Still) Not Time to Be Betting on the Return of the Consumer  (1)
09/25/2012Psychopaths?  (3)
09/21/2012Not the Beginning, But the End  (1)
09/18/2012No Fear  (1)
09/14/2012Something Wrong With This Picture  (4)
09/13/2012String Pushers  (2)
09/12/2012Reversal Time?  (1)
09/07/2012A young Ben Bernanke?
09/06/2012Bear Market  (1)
09/03/2012'The Most Perturbing Aspect of the Current Slowdown Is That th...  (4)
08/31/2012Still Shaky  (2)
08/28/2012The Flatline Economy  (4)
08/27/2012It's Time…  (3)
08/24/2012Maybe It's a Language Problem?  (2)
08/23/2012The 'One Strike and You're Out' Economy  (1)
08/22/2012Back in the Economic Danger Zone  (3)
08/21/2012It's That Time of Year, Again  (2)
08/17/2012Charts for Thought  (4)
08/16/2012Another Planet  (3)
08/15/2012Heading for an Unhappy Ending  (3)
08/14/2012More and More Americans Are Reaching Into Their Wallets…  (5)
08/13/2012A Vision of Our Future?  (11)
08/10/2012Only 211 Million to Go  (3)
08/09/2012'The Last Time'…  (2)
08/08/2012Another Installment  (2)
08/07/2012A Slightly Different Take on the Recent "Good News"  (1)
08/06/2012'The Addiction to Credit Just Goes On and On and On...'  (2)
08/03/2012A Shot of Anti-Hopium  (3)
08/02/2012Different Vantage Points…  (1)
08/01/2012Financial Dissonance
07/31/2012You Know You're in Strange Economic Times When…  (4)
07/30/2012Still At Odds  (1)
07/27/2012In the Dumps  (5)
07/26/2012Shouldn't We Be Doing the Same?  (2)
07/25/2012Sorry…  (4)
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