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11/07/2014>Silver Price Extremes!
11/07/2014>Silver Price Extremes!
11/07/2014>Silver Price Extremes!
10/17/2014>Stock Market Seven Year Cycle and a Correction Ahead?
10/17/2014>Stock Market Seven Year Cycle and a Correction Ahead?
07/11/2014>Asset Boom and Inflation Ahead?
06/21/2014>Is The Silver And Gold Bull Market Over?
12/10/2013>A Massive Trade Opportunity In Silver!?
07/30/2013>Buy Silver Now? II
05/17/2013>The Casino Vs. The Gambler
04/15/2013>A Historical Perspective of a Precious Metal Price Correction
04/02/2013>Buy Silver Now?
08/25/2012>Are you the market’s “Sucker”? – Part 1
08/24/2012>Are You the Market's 'Sucker'? - Part 1
05/11/2012>The Power of Relative Value & the Silver Market! WOW!
05/11/2012>The Power of Relative Value and the Silver Market! WOW!
05/04/2012>The Silver Bull Market Is Over?
12/17/2011>Gold And Silver Seasonal Trends
07/22/2011>Interest Rates Are Low... Good Or Bad For Gold?
04/01/2011>Nasdaq Bubble, Real-Estate Bubble… Silver Bubble?
03/18/2011>We Love Silver But We Respect The Trends - Be Careful
10/01/2010>Not Doom and Gloom; Cyclical and Opportunity!
09/17/2010>Why We Watch The Price Of Gold In All Currencies
08/13/2010>Metals ‘KISS’ Analysis – (Keep It Simple... Umm… Silly)
04/25/2010>Why Are US Stocks and The US Dollar Rising?
04/23/2010>Why Are US Stocks & The US Dollar Rising?
01/29/2010>Instant Gratification or Complete Apathy
11/27/2009>The United States Lost Decade and Gold
09/11/2009>2 Trades - $1,000 to $1.7 Million
09/04/2009>Don't Be So Sure - Things Aren't Exactly "Normal"
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On The Hot Seat
22 MarRobert L.
It is now close on two years ago that Ted Butler said "I am convinced that silver will soon explode in price................the price of silver wil...
Coercion Meets Its Match
24 MarS W.
When I wet to Uni I received a TEAS payment (tertiary education assistance scheme ). It was not a lot of money but it helped. I also worked shifts...
Deadly Serious
22 MarJ.0
Conservatives generally treat others with gentleness and compassion. This is often mistaken for weakness by the Left. Big Mistake. Don’t poke...
The Blind Leading the Deaf and Dumb
19 MarJ.2
The economic depression looming ahead will be violent, but it could also be very short. All that is required is for the government to get out of t...
Ides and Tides
17 MarThemis
The Federal Reserve chairpeople bring to mind Chamberlain's return from Germany prior to WW II, reassuring the British people of "peace in our time".
The Domino Effect – Romania joins Gold Repatriation exodus
17 MarThemis1
The Bank of England, through its arbitrary refusal to repatriate Venezuela's remaining gold, has lost the trust of smaller nations. It has bowed t...
Sunset Boulevard with Chimp
16 MarGypsy0
Thank you James, for Speaking of Complete Reversals to come. Those on the LEFT, defenders of ObamaCare, are now reversing direction and adopting “R...
Gold Investors: All Eyes on the Striking Implications of the 2012-2...
12 MarWatchdoctor
so long as one group can print as much fake ''money'' as they want, and so long as its passed and accepted by millions if not hundreds of millions ...
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