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Mr. Michael Pento is the President of Pento Portfolio Strategies and serves as Senior Market Analyst for Baltimore-based research firm Agora Financial. Pento Portfolio Strategies provides strategic advice and research for institutional clients. Agora Financial publishes award-winning newsletters, critically acclaimed feature documentaries and international best-selling books. Mr. Pento is a well-established specialist in the Austrian School of economics and a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business News and other national media outlets. His market analysis can also be read in most major financial publications, including the Wall Street Journal. He also acts as a Financial Columnist for Forbes, Contributor to and is a blogger at the Huffington Post. Prior to starting Pento Portfolio Strategies and joining Agora Financial, Mr. Pento served as a senior economist and vice president of the managed products division of another financial firm. There, he also led an external sales division that marketed their managed products to outside broker-dealers and registered investment advisors. Additionally, Mr. Pento has worked for an investment advisory firm where he helped create ETFs and UITs that were sold throughout Wall Street. Earlier in his career Mr. Pento spent two years on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He has carried series 7, 63, 65, 55 and Life and Health Insurance Licenses. Mr. Pento graduated from Rowan University in 1991.
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377 Articles
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05/31/2016>Will the Fed be Blind Sided by Stagflation?
05/23/2016>Real Estate Bubble Part II
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Alan Greenspan renews gold advocacy, Part 2
20 Febdennyc
Believe it - Greenspan is as dumb as he looks. I'm slightly puzzled as to why the author would use Greenspan as a source for anything. Even a curso...
“That War You Ordered….”
19 Febscipionasica3
How splendid to read a clear and lucid article. I am a British citizen living in France and I confirm to you that the illogical nonsense fed to yo...
Alan Greenspan renews gold advocacy, Part 1
18 Febstinger
STFU Greenspan, shut your lie-hole already. When you had a chance to make a difference you sold us out. Nobody gives a chit about...
“That War You Ordered….”
18 Febcomptel
Very good article, except for the unneeded bad language!
Trump Fan John Paulson Cuts GLD Gold Investment as Inflation Hits 5...
15 FebChrisR13
Paulson still owns 4.3 million shares but don't forget GLD allows its biggest holders to redeem for the underlying physical gold but everyone else ...
Yet Another Wall Street 'Witch's Brew'
I'm not an American but if I had a vote I probably would have voted for DT as the alternative was much worse. My biggest concern about DTs policies...
Left Behind
13 FebJ.1
Perhaps Secretary DeVos's primary purpose will be to dismantle the Dept. of Education. Woo Hoo! Stop wasting money on ineffective education that ...
Amazon Plans Robotic Supermarket Staffed by 3; Chinese Factory Elim...
200 years later, the spirit of Ned Ludd lives on - except sam_site doesn't want to smash the machines - he just pretends they aren't there!
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