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11/24/2009>Seasonally Strong Period For the Stock Market Begins
02/25/2009>My Thoughts on the Stock Market Going Forward
01/26/2009>How to React to the Bad Market News
01/01/2009>Stock Market Forecast and Strategy for 2009
12/18/2008>What the Charts Say About Gold Stocks
11/17/2008>Some Straight Talk On the Stock Market
09/22/2008>Value of Dollar will drop; Gold will skyrocket
09/16/2008>This is Deleveraging Not Deflation
09/05/2008>The Bear Market is Smashing Everything
08/13/2008>Some Signs that Gold Is Trying to Bottom
08/05/2008>Gaming a Gold Stock Bottom
07/30/2008>Gold Stocks to Make a Key Bottom
07/14/2008>Fannie and Freddie Bring Credit Crisis to Defcon One
07/07/2008>The Twenty Percent Rule and Bear Markets
06/30/2008>Gold Stocks Gearing Up For a Big Rally
06/23/2008>We May be Facing a Fall Stock Market Disaster
06/09/2008>Markets are at a Key Turning Point
05/06/2008>Know This Seasonal Market Pattern
04/21/2008>Thoughts on Last Weeks Big Rally(Excerpt)
04/13/2008>The Bear is Out of the Box (Excerpt)
04/02/2008>Gold Stocks Appear to Be Putting in a Bottom
03/20/2008>Market Deleveraging Smacks Gold
02/29/2008>No Market Bottom in Sight Yet as the Fed Fails
02/19/2008>Do Markets Make News or Does News Make Markets?
09/29/2005>My Target for the XAU is 193
09/19/2005>Runaway Spending Fueling Gold
08/31/2005>New XAU Bottom in the Making
08/04/2005>Phase Two of the Gold Bull Market Begins!
07/25/2005>Second Gold Stock Breakout Attempt Coming
07/08/2005>Four Reasons Gold Stocks Are About to Rise
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