Mike Niehuser is the founder of Beacon Rock Research, LLC which produces research for an institutional audience and focuses on precious, base and industrial metals, and substitutes, oil and gas, alternative energy, as well as communications and human resources. Mr. Niehuser was nominated to BrainstormNW magazine's list of the region's top financial professionals in 2007
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07/01/2011>Gold and the Pursuit of Happiness
04/19/2011>Gold, Bolivia and The Law
08/18/2010>Gold the Antidote for Moral Hazard, Uncertainty and Cowardice
07/22/2010>Mike Niehuser: Producers' Upside Potential
03/30/2010>Mike Niehuser: Silver Producers Who Shine
01/29/2010>Gold Outlook for 2010 Turns from Grey to Lighter Shade of Brown
01/16/2010>No Bubble in Gold Outlook for 2010 by Beacon Rock Research
12/09/2009>Santa Fe Gold nearing production of silver-gold in New Mexico
12/03/2009>Distraction in Dubai Just Another Bubble in the Tub
11/21/2009>Goldbrook positioned for nickel production in Quebec
11/19/2009>Central Bank Intervention a 21st Century Version of Smoot-Hawl...
11/06/2009>Gold Price Spike Says it's Not All About U.S.
10/23/2009>Long-term U.S. Dollar Devaluation is Good for Gold
10/17/2009>Endeavour Financial recognizes upside in Etruscan’s assets
10/14/2009>Is the Liquidity Lifting the Dow and Gold Sustainable, or a Bu...
10/01/2009>Growing Long-Term Unemployment May Signal Stagflation
09/16/2009>Inflation is Always and Everywhere a Monetary Phenomenon
07/07/2009>Seabridge Continues to Successfully Monetize its Non-Core Assets
02/16/2009>Santa Fe Gold to Commence Production of Gold and Silver in New...
02/04/2009>Exeter on Its Way to Mid-Tier Gold Producer Status
01/04/2009>Precious Metal Developers Provide Value and Upside in 2009
12/14/2008>Trend Developing for Accretive Transactions in the Mining Sector
11/07/2008>Emerging Metal Miners Attractive to Value Investors
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