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09/21/2016>Gold's bull market just starting: Analysts
09/21/2016>South African gold miners can appeal silicosis ruling
09/21/2016>BHP: No copper price pick-up soon
09/21/2016>Trevali continues to ride zinc wave
09/21/2016>Alrosa unveils detection device for polished diamonds
09/21/2016>One of world's largest, newest diamond mines is now open
09/16/2016>Peninsula assays high grade zinc-silver-lead in South Korea
09/15/2016>Abandoned Aussie gold mine to become renewable energy hub
09/15/2016>Abandoned Aussie gold mine to become renewable energy hub
09/15/2016>Semafo adding ounces in Burkina Faso
09/15/2016>Iron ore price: Roy Hill ramp-up pushed into 2017
02/17/2015>Gold price 2015 rally evaporating
02/17/2015>CHARTS : 200-year stocks vs gold price chart shows breakout ne...
02/08/2015>Gold mining stocks massacred
02/05/2015>CHARTS: Gold price – inflation you win, deflation they lose
02/04/2015>RUSSIA stashes 55 tonnes of gold in Switzerland
02/04/2015>CHARTS: Gold price – inflation you win, deflation they lose
02/04/2015>BofA: Brace for gold 'singularity' if Fed doesn't tighten
02/04/2015>ROUBINI gives a talking to gold bugs, other 'pseuds and hacks'
02/01/2015>INDIA reclaims top spot as No. 1 gold consumer
01/23/2015>WORLD BANK : Commodities falling like it's 1985
01/22/2015>TURKEY’s gold imports down, but bullion still ‘key’ to the loc...
01/22/2015>Fortuna Silver slumps 9% despite impressive drilling in Mexico
01/15/2015>SWISS shocker lights fire under gold price
01/15/2015>NICHOLS : Gold price has cleared top two hurdles in 2015
01/14/2015>First Majestic Silver logs record production in last quarter o...
01/13/2015>Yamana Gold raising Can$260 million
01/12/2015>GOLDCORP up 5% as investors dive back into gold stocks
01/12/2015>A trader just placed a giant bet on a $130 rise in the gold price
01/05/2015>Glencore resumes production at Aussie coal mines
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