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Fiduciary media is debt organized into currency
Charles Holt Caroll  
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Mike Shedlock / Mish is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. He writes a global economics blog which has commentary 5-7 times a week. He also writes for the Daily Reckoning, Whiskey & Gunpowder, and has over 80 magazine and book cover credits. Visit
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2793 Articles

04/23/2014Einhorn Shorts "Cool Kid" Bubble Tech Stocks
04/23/2014China Manufacturing Output and New Orders Contract Once Again
04/23/2014Amazing Surge in Middle-Aged Folks Moving in With Parents  (1)
04/22/2014ECB Threatens Negative Interest Rates; Bank of NY Mellon Threa...  (1)
04/22/2014Inane Step in Wrong Direction: Germany Plans to Lower Retireme...  (1)
04/22/2014Chinese Court Seizes Japanese Ship to Settle WWII Dispute  (2)
04/21/2014Japan Trade Deficit Largest in History; Imports Soar, Exports ...  (2)
04/21/2014Glen Greenwald Wins Pulitzer Prize for Exposing NSA Spy Scanda...  (3)
04/20/2014"Low Inflation has Positive Impact and Helps Spain's Competiti...  (1)
04/20/2014Illinois Madness Never Stops; House Committee Wants Taxpayers ...  (1)
04/19/2014Ukraine Accord Broken Already; Key Uninvited Group to Peace Pa...  (2)
04/19/2014"Insatiable" Idiocy from the Economist on What to Do About Rus...  (2)
04/18/2014Ukraine Accord Broken Already; Key Uninvited Group to Peacy Pa...  (1)
04/18/2014Ukraine Talks End in Accord; What About the Key Missing Player?  (1)
04/17/2014Putin Threatens Military Intervention in Ukraine; Obama's Hypo...
04/17/2014Talk of Bloodless Coup in Donetsk; European Countries Resent U...  (1)
04/17/2014Austerity In Spain? Where? Public Debt Threatens to Exceed 100...  (2)
04/16/2014Ukraine Separatists Seize Six Armored Personnel Carriers, Para...  (1)
04/16/2014Europe Without €: Former EU Commissioner Says "Monetary Union ...  (1)
04/16/2014Gold Doomed or Resting? Gold vs. Major Currencies; Goldman Sac...  (5)
04/16/2014Specter of Civil War; Putin's Army Hiding – Not Even CNN Can F...  (2)
04/15/2014Ukraine Hikes Discount Rate from 6.5% to 9.5%, Overnight Rate ...  (1)
04/15/201452% Say Taxes Too High, 54% Say Taxes Fair; Too High But Fair?  (1)
04/15/2014GMO 7-Year Real Return Forecast: US Equities Negative For 7 Years
04/14/2014Steve Keen Hired as Chief Economist for IDEA Economics; Best W...  (1)
04/14/2014Pro-Russia Separatists Defy Ukraine Deadline; Russia Promises ...  (1)
04/14/2014California Drought Updates: Reader Anecdotes, Well Drilling Bo...  (2)
04/14/2014French Protest Against Austerity and Prime Minister Valls  (1)
04/14/2014France Prohibits Sending Work Emails, Answering Cell Phones, O...  (2)
04/14/2014State Department Cannot Account for Billions of Contracts; It ...  (3)
04/14/2014Ukraine Announces Full-Scale Army Operation on Pro-Russian Mil...  (2)
04/13/2014Armed Men Seize Police Station in Slavyansk; Ukraine Prepares ...  (1)
04/12/201485% of Pension Funds to Fail in Three Decades  (2)
04/12/2014Reader Question on the Inevitable Los Angeles Bankruptcy; What...  (2)
04/11/2014JPMorgan Earnings Drop 18.5%; Slowdown in Housing the Real Kil...  (1)
04/10/2014Putin Sends Letter to 18 Countries Threatening to Cut Supply o...  (1)
04/10/2014LA Commission Studies Pension Crisis, Recommends New Commissio...  (3)
04/10/2014Brussels Tells Spain to Raise VAT Once Again  (2)
04/10/2014"Fixed Income Only Positive Return Asset Class in 2014, 30-Yea...  (1)
04/09/2014Shiller Kool-Aid Part II: Doug Short Chimes In  (1)
04/09/2014Shiller Drinks the Kool-Aid  (1)
04/09/2014Google Enters the Hotel Business, Takes on Advertisers Priceli...  (1)
04/08/2014IMF Upbeat on US and Global Growth, Steen Jakobsen Says "Surpr...
04/08/2014Ukraine Parliament Erupts in Violent Brawl; Separatists Seize ...  (1)
04/08/2014US Treasury Warns China Over Yuan Depreciation; Treasury Hypoc...  (1)
04/08/2014Battle Cry of the Day: Save the Bondholders; Failed Bank Resol...  (1)
04/08/2014Mortgage Loan Originations Lowest on Record  (1)
04/07/2014Framework for Understanding Market Tops and Bottoms  (1)
04/07/2014Investigating Spain's Pledge to Lower Taxes (It Won't Happen)  (1)
04/06/2014French Socialists Revolt Against Prime Minister, Threaten Vote...  (1)
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