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Mike Shedlock / Mish is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. He writes a global economics blog which has commentary 5-7 times a week. He also writes for the Daily Reckoning, Whiskey & Gunpowder, and has over 80 magazine and book cover credits. Visit
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3189 Articles

10/22/2014US Airdrops Load of Weapons Into Hands of ISIS  (1)
10/22/2014Saxo Bank CIO Jakobsen Predicts Another "Shock Drop" in Market...  (1)
10/22/2014McDonald's Vows Fresh Thinking After Net Income Declines 30%; ...
10/22/2014McDonald's Vows Fresh Thinking After Revenues Decline 30%; Mis...  (1)
10/21/2014James Grant Conference Video: Inflation Expectations, Growth, ...  (1)
10/21/2014M&A Deals Fail At Highest Rate Since 2008  (1)
10/20/2014Eurozone Rotting to the Core; Four Possibilities; Beyond the Math  (3)
10/20/2014Challenge to Keynesians "Prove Rising Prices Provide an Overal...  (2)
10/19/2014Nonperforming Spanish Loans Near All-Time High as Overall Cred...  (1)
10/18/2014FBI Director Warns Google and Apple "If You Don't Decrypt Phon...  (7)
10/18/2014Free Market Response to Ebola  (1)
10/17/2014Irony of the Day: Yellen Moans About Income Inequality; Seven ...  (2)
10/17/2014Greece 10-Year Bond Yield Soars to 9% as Prime Minister's Gamb...  (1)
10/16/2014WalMart Margins Set to Plunge? Will Rest of Retail Follow? Wha...  (1)
10/16/2014Pain Trade, Treasury Bears, Margin Calls  (1)
10/16/2014Obama's Lame Response to Ebola; No Protocols but Lots of Fearm...
10/15/201421-Point Plunge in Empire State manufacturing Index, New Order...  (1)
10/15/2014Post-Foreclosure Hell: Garnished Wages, Seized Assets, Deficie...  (2)
10/15/2014Top Secret Spacecraft Returns to Earth This Week After Two Yea...  (2)
10/14/2014Stock Buybacks Peaked With Stock Market in 2007: History About...  (2)
10/14/2014Australian Dollar Too High, Markets Face 'Violent' Crash, says...
10/14/2014UKIP Support Hits Record High 25% of Voters; Let's Be Clear: C...  (3)
10/13/2014End of U.S. Dollar Hegemony - Not  (1)
10/13/2014McCain Calls for Ground Troops in Syria and an Ebola Czar; Sec...  (1)
10/12/2014Snowden Film "Citizen Four" Reveals How He Did It; Second Leak...  (4)
10/11/2014Indianapolis Airport Unveils Roaming Customer Service Robot on...  (1)
10/10/2014Defense Dept. to Request $30-40 Billion a Year to Fight ISIS; ...  (1)
10/10/2014Panic Over Ebola: Airline Strikes, Banned Flights, Experimenta...
10/09/2014Police State USA: Civil Forfeiture Under Presumption of Guilt  (1)
10/09/2014RoboTrucks from Mercedes-Benz to Hit US Highways Within 10 Yea...  (1)
10/09/2014New Home Prices: Are they Really Up this Year? Homebuilder Fre...  (1)
10/08/2014IMF Warns of Financial Crisis, Admits Low Interest Rates Spurr...  (2)
10/08/2014Early Elections in Greece Increasingly Likely, So Is Grexit; P...  (1)
10/07/2014ISIS Waves Black Flags of Victory Over Kobani; US Strategy in ...  (1)
10/07/2014Revealing Look at Hours Worked and the Number of Employees Wor...  (1)
10/07/2014Rare Blood Moon Coming  (3)
10/07/2014All Clear for Junk Bonds?! Key Questions of the Day  (1)
10/06/2014German Factory Orders Slump 5.7%, Most Since January 2009  (1)
10/06/2014Air Strikes on Isis Not Working; What's Next?  (1)
10/05/2014800 Towns in Catalonia Pledge Support for Independence Referen...  (1)
10/05/2014800 Towns in Catalonia Openly Pledge Support for Independence ...
10/04/2014Shifting Debts: The Gold Standard: Both Good and Necessary
10/03/2014What Do Treasury Yields Say About Job Expectations, Inflation ...  (1)
10/03/2014Nonfarm Payrolls 248K; Unemployment 5.9%; Employed +232K; Labo...  (1)
10/03/2014Bernanke Turned Down For Mortgage Refinance; Questions Abound  (1)
10/02/2014Gordon Long Video Interview of Mish: Topic - Financial Repress...
10/02/2014Tensions Mount in Hong Kong as Protest Enters 5th Day
10/02/2014Federal Judge Smacks CalPERS on Sanctity of Pensions; CalPERS ...  (2)
10/02/2014Argentine Central Bank Chief Quits in Currency Dispute; Hyperi...  (2)
10/01/2014Congressman Rangel Calls for War Tax, Draft; Why Not Bomb the ...  (1)
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