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Gold 1172.59-0.01
Silver 16.13-0.02
Platinum 1232.000.75
Palladium 788.20-1.55
DOWJONES 17391182
NASDAQ 463165
NIKKEI 16414756
ASX 550548
CAC 40 423392
DAX 9327212
HUI 156-8
XAU 65-3
AUS $ 1.4228
CAN $ 1.4106
US $ 1.2521
GBP (£) 0.7830
Sw Fr 1.2056
YEN 140.6600
AUS $ 1.1371
CAN $ 1.1268
Euro 0.7987
GBP (£) 0.6254
Sw Fr 0.9626
YEN 112.2900
Gold / Silver72.70
Gold / Oil14.81
Dowjones / Gold14.83
Copper 3.07-0.01
WTI Oil 79.20-1.32
Nat. Gas 3.890.06
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191 Articles

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09/04/2009Contango And Inventory: Clues To Oil’s Trend
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07/30/2009Oil futures tumble nearly 6% as crude supplies surge
07/29/2009Falls the Most in Three Months After Unexpected Supply Gain
07/22/2009China's CNOOC and Sinopec Pay $1.3 Billion for Angola Oil
07/20/2009CFTC - Futures Position Limits on Energy?
07/02/2009China driving oil prices
06/10/2009OPEC Will Wait for $100 Oil Before Raising Output
06/05/2009$ 70 : Oil futures hit seven-month high after jobs data
05/15/2009The Price of Oil
05/06/2009Gulf of Mexico could peak in 2013
04/20/2009Oil futures fall 5% to trade below $48 a barrel
04/01/2009Crude Oil Falls After U.S. Inventories Climb to a 15-Year High
03/18/2009World Oil Production Peaked in 2008
03/16/2009OPEC Decides Against Fourth Output Cut on Economy
03/13/2009Chinese Central Bank sees gold, oil and other resources recove...
03/05/2009Oil ends almost 9% higher
03/04/2009Oil producers running out of storage space
03/02/2009Position yourself for $ 300 oil
02/27/2009Hot Rocks Equals Hot Stocks?
02/24/2009China prepares to buy up foreign oil companies
02/13/2009Oil: Despite Decline, A 'Must-Have' Profit Play
02/12/2009Has Oil Finally Reached the Bottom?
02/11/2009Oil price has further fall, says Kuwait minister
02/04/2009Cost of oil production by country
01/29/2009How Obama Will Influence Energy Stocks
01/19/2009Venezuela Says $70 Oil Needed to Maintain Investments
01/13/2009New 'black gold' looms in Western states
01/06/2009Oil tops $50 amid OPEC output cuts, Gaza fighting
01/02/2009Year-end leap in oil price could bode well for gold in 2009
01/01/2009The Gold to Oil Ratio Does Matter
12/09/2008Iraq's Oil: The Greatest Prize Of All ?
11/28/2008Crude mathematics
10/30/2008Is Oil Going Back to 50?
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