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35 Articles
11/09/2011>A Battle for Oil Production Is Brewing
11/10/2009>Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower
08/13/2009>Peak Oil And Another Fantasy
05/06/2009>Gulf of Mexico could peak in 2013
01/13/2009>New 'black gold' looms in Western states
01/01/2009>Super Giant Field in the Appalachians?
12/02/2008>The 10 big energy myths
07/01/2008>America's untapped oil
06/29/2008>The era of oil wars
06/27/2008>Peak Oil Overview
06/25/2008>UK Oil : from Riches to Rag
05/27/2008>Peak oil hits new heights and the view is not pretty
05/24/2008>Peak oil hits new heights and the view is not pretty
04/30/2008>Peak Oil : alive and well
04/25/2008>The Bakken Formation: How Much Will It Help?
04/04/2008>Petroleum Man will be virtually extinct soon
02/19/2008>Shell VP, Exploration: 'No More Easy Oil'
02/09/2008>The Second Great Depression
02/06/2008>   Why the truth about Peak Oil should not be told
01/11/2008>The Casey Interview with Matt Simmons
12/08/2007>Satellite images contradict Saudi peak oil theory
11/25/2007>An apocalyptic visionof a post fossil fuel world
11/20/2007>Estimating the World Production Decline Rates from the Megapro...
11/13/2007>Baker Institute study shows 'Big Five' oil companies limit exp...
11/12/2007>New 'disaster' movie warns world of oil apocalypse
11/12/2007>World Energy to 2050: A Half Century of Decline
11/02/2007>Peak Oil - Believe it or Not?
10/30/2007>An introduction to peak oil
09/13/2007>The Economics of Oil, Part II: Peak Oil and the Energy Supply ...
08/26/2007>Tar Sands: The Oil Junkie's Last Fix, Part 1
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