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04/06/2016>An open letter to mining CEO's
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09/30/2015>Somebody call Warren Buffett - quick.
08/21/2015>7? - What's so special about the number 7?
05/19/2015>Trading Gold and Silver along with the Pros
01/07/2015>2015 – the Year the FED comes to the aid of gold and silver in...
11/13/2014>Silver and Gold Producers a CALL TO ARMS!
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01/18/2014>Is now the time to "Back Up The Truck"
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07/30/2013>Gold and Silver Progress Report
05/31/2013>The Long Wait (nearly 21 months), is Almost Over.
03/08/2013>Could gold and the US dollar rise in tandem?
01/23/2013>The January effect on the price of gold
11/01/2012>Some Incredible Gold Charts
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The Silliness of the Bretton Woods Years
18:24The Recusant
KUDOS! The book is anti-gold slanted throughout and subtly mocks those that value gold as seen in that silly Las Vegas Golden Rooster tale. As I pr...
The Future (Not)
14 OctS W.0
I have it on good authority that the Aliens living in Antarctica have discovered a way of turning Ice into Oil. All we have to do to secure ou...
No Joy in Trumpville
10 Octaccording
and the wine-glass is half empty. throw another log on the campfire jim.
09 OctThemis1
I agree 100% with all the points you made. You have summarized my own anger and the reasons for it. My only consolation is that I believe the eli...
A silver price-suppression theory gets debunked
07 OctDoom
I think he linked the wrong article, because there's minimal facts and logic there relevant to price suppression. It's a shame, because I really wo...
Light It Up
07 OctThemis
I keep wondering whether the US is fermenting a war with North Korea so as to indirectly draw China in and delay implementation of the yuan-for-oil...
One Nation Under Gold (2017), by James Ledbetter
05 OctThe Recusant1
Sadly, I too hoped for a more even-handed assessment of gold in our economic history. The book IS biased and by the time I got to the 20th century ...
Fall of the Great Pumpkin
03 OctGypsy0
James, you've mentioned this 25th Amendment thing a few times. The primary reason the Deep State won't go that route is: when the attempt begins i...
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