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Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law...
Louis D. Brandeis  
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Gold 1207.49-8.21
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Platinum 1300.20-2.30
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DOWJONES 1712959
NASDAQ 451711
NIKKEI 16174-137
ASX 529727
CAC 40 441658
DAX 947451
HUI 197-3
XAU 81-1
AUS $ 1.4442
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US $ 1.2620
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Sw Fr 1.2070
YEN 138.4420
AUS $ 1.1448
CAN $ 1.1199
Euro 0.7924
GBP (£) 0.6166
Sw Fr 0.9563
YEN 109.6810
Gold / Silver70.99
Gold / Oil13.16
Dowjones / Gold14.19
Copper 3.04-0.02
WTI Oil 91.74-1.04
Nat. Gas 4.12-0.03
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Peter McKenzie-Brown

Peter McKenzie Brown is the vice president of a resource company. He has written several volumes of history, and has worked in the corporate and academic worlds. He is British by birth, American by upbringing and Canadian by choice. Disclaimer : Although the writer is a director and officer of Stratabound, the thoughts and views herein are his only and not those of Stratabound. He is not registered in any jurisdiction as a broker or investment adviser, so nothing herein should be construed as advice on whether to buy, sell or hold shares of Stratabound or any other company mentioned herein.
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174 Articles

09/21/2014Speed Bumps
09/20/2014A Few Great Puns  (2)
09/09/2014Reclaiming the land
08/27/2014Maya Devi Hospital
04/03/2014The chemistry of asphaltenes  (1)
02/23/2014Cosignatory  (1)
02/05/2014I love OIL SANDS  (7)
01/29/2014O Thailand  (7)
12/30/2013The Big Chill  (1)
11/21/2013The Benefits of Doing it Right
09/21/2013Eastern Promise
09/11/2013A Railway Runs Through It
09/09/2013Starting from the Bottom  (4)
07/19/2013Steward of History  (1)
07/02/2013The A Team
06/22/2013The A Team
06/09/2013Verdi: A Towering Genius  (2)
05/15/2013Lucky Guy
05/14/2013Giuseppe Verdi  (2)
04/28/2013The Parallel Lives of Verdi and Wagner  (1)
04/25/2013The Quiet Sister
04/24/2013Moving Parts  (2)
04/04/2013A World-Leading Tradition of Environmental Monitoring
04/02/2013Opening The Gates
03/31/2013The Ultimate Relief
03/26/2013Opening The Gates
01/02/2013Sliding Off the Peak
12/26/2012Independence Day
11/28/2012Deep Focus
10/24/2012"We Were Canadians First"
09/19/2012Eyes in the Sky
07/18/2012One Man, Immeasurable Impact  (1)
06/20/2012Rheinland Revival  (1)
05/30/2012Where it All Began  (2)
05/16/2012Cures for Distressed Barrels
04/04/2012Oilsands allies
02/08/2012The Captain Takes a Bow
02/01/2012Selling the Brand
12/21/201112 trends for 2012
12/07/2011In-situ Step-change  (1)
11/30/2011People Power
11/02/2011Calgary Rising
10/05/2011Reaching $1,000,000,000
09/07/2011The Advisor: John Gulley
08/03/2011Caught in the Net
07/27/2011How Public Money Saved Syncrude
07/20/2011Saving Lives in Rural India
06/22/2011The Game-changer  (1)
06/15/2011Gas to Gold
06/08/2011Genetics and Thermal Oil
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