Mr. Buss began his career as a software programmer for a large industrial company. Thereupon he moved into system design for telecommunication networks and finally into international project management. He has lived and worked in more than 10 countries and regularly travels both for business and pleasure. In total, and has been to more than 25 countries. Mr. Buss' interest in the financial markets has been long standing and his approach is holistic; taking not only fundamental and technical approaches into consideration but also is largely influenced by historical aspects and insights gained through world travels and historical readings. His interests include history, philosophy, art, and architecture. Combining this unique blend of background, interests and dedication to the financial markets, Mr. Buss has often written about contemporary issues and financial market considerations long before they were picked up on by the mainstream media or public. His financial outlook is towards a non-biased, dispassionate analytical approach often, but not necessarily, contrarian viewpoint from the mainstream but with a solid grounding in economics, charting and passion for incorporating real-life anecdotal experience into the overall investment picture. His motto remains : "Those who shall survive (financially) the 21st Century shall be those individuals who can constantly re-think and re-learn" from Alvin Toffler He has recently been accepted to a post-graduate degree program in economics and is working on his CMT licence. He holds a degree in Engineering.
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