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08/16/2019>A steady diet of plastic
08/15/2019>Junior’s are the answer to gold industry challenges
08/07/2019>Trump’s perfect gold storm
08/05/2019>Golden consequences
08/02/2019>Beetle battle - BC’s last stand
07/31/2019>Gold as bubble hedge
07/31/2019>Refinery bottlenecks put more kick into copper bull
07/30/2019>Why Trump’s low-dollar plan won’t work
07/26/2019>Cobalt to share EV battery duties with nickel
07/26/2019>Quantifornication round 4 on its way
07/25/2019>Boreal hits more high-grade at Gumsberg’s South Discovery, Sweden
07/25/2019>CYP partners with Lilac Solutions to get 83% recoveries from N...
07/25/2019>What’s with all the weird weather?
07/25/2019>Africa rising
07/25/2019>The day the current stopped
07/24/2019>Aben done drilling at Justin, moves on to Forrest Kerr
07/24/2019>AOTH metals and company roundup
07/24/2019>Max pursuing new high-grade gold target and hunting for copper...
07/24/2019>NV Gold identifies large, structural target for August drilling
07/24/2019>UNV acquires highly prospective copper block
07/24/2019>Palladium is integral to global transportation, energy shift
07/13/2019>Playing the gold ratios game
07/06/2019>It’s not easy going green
07/06/2019>Physical gold frenzy
07/03/2019>Resource extraction melee
07/03/2019>De-dollarization has begun
07/02/2019>FluroTech provides Licensed Producer’s rapid and effective inh...
06/28/2019>US prepares for Currency war
06/25/2019>Bonds and equities versus gold
06/25/2019>Rockridge finds more high-grade copper at Knife Lake
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Enter, the Dragon
21 OctS W.
Is it true that HRC actually eats babies?
Bank of England Warns of an ‘Abrupt’ Financial Collapse Due To Clim...
18 OctThemis2
A cynical attempt on Carney's part to deflect the blame for the coming financial crisis. The central banks must shoulder the majority of the culpa...
Bank of England Warns of an ‘Abrupt’ Financial Collapse Due To Clim...
16 OctS W.1
What a load of nonsense from Carney, Likely there will be a crash but to blame it on the climate is ...nonsense I am wondering if he has re...
A Hard Rain
09 Octcarlomar0
Bravo! The best analysis of what is going on! I read your column faithfully and always find new thoughts and valuable ideas in your writing!
Juniors ? The Butterflies in the Animal Farm of the investing world ?
07 Octstocking up pennies
Very well written article, Alan. It pictures the volatibility of the junior stocks, that are, indeed, mostly comparable to ''social butterflies'' a...
We Are Very Confident In $1,700 Gold Before The Muppets Awaken
08 OctThemis
You are correct regarding spelling but is it necessary to be pedantic about it? Surely the content of the article is more important?
A Hard Rain
08 OctThemis2
I agree with every word. Keep telling it as you see it. People are so close to the issues that they need a commentator like you to stand back and...
We Are Very Confident In $1,700 Gold Before The Muppets Awaken
02 OctLouis Solomons
There is no such word as commentairies.
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