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01/09/2019>Uranium was the best metal performer of 2018
01/07/2019>Ghost Empires
01/07/2019>Abens boots hammers smoke and fire
01/07/2019>SURG closes private placement, hits new zone
01/05/2019>Cypress has world class Clayton Valley Nevada lithium resource
01/05/2019>BC earthquakes and fracking
01/03/2019>Skyharbour drilling in world’s highest-grade uranium jurisdiction
01/02/2019>Defense Metals now controls Wicheeda Lk Rare Earth deposit
12/30/2018>Rockridge Resources resumes trading after exchange approval of...
12/30/2018>Saving our Canadian bacon
12/22/2018>Bolivia: Where revolutionaries and lithium miners go to die
12/22/2018>Skyharbour rocks Moore?s basement with new high-grade zone
11/29/2018>?The Art of the Deal? and China
11/29/2018>Cypress closing in on billion-ton resource in Nevada?s Clayton...
11/29/2018>Golden Triangle?s Red Line
11/18/2018>A viable alternative to LNG
11/18/2018>The real price of LNG
10/07/2018>Barrick-Randgold deal breathes new life into gold
10/04/2018>Cypress Development PEA shows rare earth recovery potential
09/29/2018>SYH drill results anticipated as U price hits 2-year high
09/24/2018>Fracking – An Unconventional Poisoning
09/16/2018>The beginning of the end of the dollar
09/11/2018>The world needs nuclear energy for EVs
08/25/2018>Gold and the great stage of fools
08/14/2018>Why the uranium price must go up
07/27/2018>The road to war: Buying fear - Part 3
06/21/2018>The day they turned off the taps
06/13/2018>The EV battery arms race is on
06/09/2018>Billionaire schools teacher in NAFTA talks
06/09/2018>Gone Fishing
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Ecological Armageddon: “We Are Destroying Our Life Support Systems!”
19 Jankevthorne
In further support of the article's conclusions, I recommend this treatise written by Jeremy Grantham, a chief investment strategist: "The original...
Beware the "ZeroHedge Trap"
Nicely done and very well written. The doom is coming but this asteroid misses Planet Earth in Q1. However, I think we are in for a substantially r...
Turbulence and Brexit Make Safer Options Like Gold and Cash Essential
15 Janallstarchuck
If investors included safe-haven assets in their portfolios possibly mistaking them for a hedge, they would potentially inflate their prices in nor...
Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold
14 JanAriana33
This is a good article, and I can agree with many points. I've been investing in gold, particularly the American Gold Eagles for quite some years n...
The Black Swan So Ugly No One Will Talk About It
14 JanS W.
A black swan is a highly improbable event. Obviously the author of the article does not understand that.
Fed’s Balance Sheet Reduction Reaches $402 Billion
07 JanRocco
Every time the FED speaks, gold skyrockets. Just buying some gold every time before the FED makes an announcement and then selling for a quick prof...
Gold Price 2019: 5 Analyst Outlooks
09 JanS W.
In reality there is no such thing as a price of gold. That is because those that are swapping their gold for worthless pieces of paper ( transa...
Will Coins and Bars Save Gold?
30 Decstevewonders
The only thing that will save gold in 2019 is the dollar/yen. I am out of all speculative positions going into the long holiday weekend. I will loo...
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