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01/17/2019>Beware! These Guys Are Good...
01/14/2019>That Heaviness Is Distribution, Big-Time
01/11/2019>A Ponzi Game Where Nearly Everyone Wins
01/08/2019>Yen's Surge Holds Great Promise for Gold
12/27/2018>A Last-Ditch Opportunity for AAPL to Turn the Tide
12/21/2018>'Death Cross’ Says This Bear Has Only Just Begun
12/20/2018>Fed's Powell Inches Toward the Ledge
12/19/2018>A Day of Reckoning for Fed's Alchemists Draws Nigh
12/18/2018>Watch This Chart to Get the Jump on the Fed’s Big Announcement
12/17/2018>A Grim Forecast for the Euro -- and the EU
12/13/2018>Let Your Own Eyes Interpret This Chart
12/12/2018>VXX Implies a Stunning Decline Lies Just Ahead
12/10/2018>Precise Benchmarks If the Selloff Continues
12/08/2018>700-Point Reversal a Hoax, but Don't Get In Its Way!
12/06/2018>What on Earth Was THAT Selloff About?
12/04/2018>Encouraging News in Gold, and Some Precise Targets
11/29/2018>Fed Blather Clinches December for Bulls
11/28/2018>Tariff Threat Could Damp AAPL Bounce
11/27/2018>A Santa Dead-Cat Bounce Ahead?
11/26/2018>From Boom to Bust in the Blink of an Eye
11/14/2018>$2.06 Crude Target Absurd but Useful
11/09/2018>Mind Games Keep Aging Bull Alive
11/01/2018>Yeah, Gold's a Bitch. But Here's the Good News...
10/31/2018>'Markets Move After Everyone Gives Up'
10/30/2018>'Lunatic Stocks' Have Probably Bottomed
10/29/2018>What If the Dow Were to Drop Another 5000 Points?
10/26/2018>Violent Swings Just a Warm-up for What's Coming
10/25/2018>Why Today's 600-Point Plunge Wasn't Quite Enough
10/23/2018>Let's See Bulls Shrug Off 3.6% T-Bond Rate
10/19/2018>Falling Stocks Reflect a Darkening Reality
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Ecological Armageddon: “We Are Destroying Our Life Support Systems!”
19 Jankevthorne
In further support of the article's conclusions, I recommend this treatise written by Jeremy Grantham, a chief investment strategist: "The original...
Beware the "ZeroHedge Trap"
16 Janjohngaltfla@yahoo.com
Nicely done and very well written. The doom is coming but this asteroid misses Planet Earth in Q1. However, I think we are in for a substantially r...
Turbulence and Brexit Make Safer Options Like Gold and Cash Essential
15 Janallstarchuck
If investors included safe-haven assets in their portfolios possibly mistaking them for a hedge, they would potentially inflate their prices in nor...
Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold
14 JanAriana33
This is a good article, and I can agree with many points. I've been investing in gold, particularly the American Gold Eagles for quite some years n...
The Black Swan So Ugly No One Will Talk About It
14 JanS W.
A black swan is a highly improbable event. Obviously the author of the article does not understand that.
Fed’s Balance Sheet Reduction Reaches $402 Billion
07 JanRocco
Every time the FED speaks, gold skyrockets. Just buying some gold every time before the FED makes an announcement and then selling for a quick prof...
Gold Price 2019: 5 Analyst Outlooks
09 JanS W.
In reality there is no such thing as a price of gold. That is because those that are swapping their gold for worthless pieces of paper ( transa...
Will Coins and Bars Save Gold?
30 Decstevewonders
The only thing that will save gold in 2019 is the dollar/yen. I am out of all speculative positions going into the long holiday weekend. I will loo...
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