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11/14/2018>$2.06 Crude Target Absurd but Useful
11/09/2018>Mind Games Keep Aging Bull Alive
11/01/2018>Yeah, Gold's a Bitch. But Here's the Good News...
10/31/2018>'Markets Move After Everyone Gives Up'
10/30/2018>'Lunatic Stocks' Have Probably Bottomed
10/29/2018>What If the Dow Were to Drop Another 5000 Points?
10/26/2018>Violent Swings Just a Warm-up for What's Coming
10/25/2018>Why Today's 600-Point Plunge Wasn't Quite Enough
10/23/2018>Let's See Bulls Shrug Off 3.6% T-Bond Rate
10/19/2018>Falling Stocks Reflect a Darkening Reality
10/16/2018>Lower Yields Are Bulls' Best Bet
10/09/2018>Wall of Worry Now Includes Rising Yields
09/24/2018>Good, Bad and the Not-So-Ugly in Gold
09/19/2018>Wall Street Keeps Cool As Tariff Threat Grows
09/17/2018>Why You Should View Gold as 'Garbage'
09/13/2018>Is the Rally in Gold Just Another Tease?
09/04/2018>The Not-So-Bad News for Silver Bulls
08/31/2018>Here's Another Reality Check for All of You Gold Bugs
08/08/2018>Why 10-Year Rate Is Unlikely to Soar
08/07/2018>Short-Term Outlook For Gold Still Glum
07/27/2018>10-Year Rate Edges Toward a Breakout
07/23/2018>Silver Plays Toe-sies With a Key Support
07/11/2018>Too Many Hopeful Bulls in Gold
06/20/2018>When Distribution Quacks Like a Duck
06/19/2018>Tariff Fears Aren't All That's Troubling Stocks
06/13/2018>The 'Silver Lining' for Fed-Watchers
06/02/2018>Street Reacts Mildly To Trade-War Bombs
05/16/2018>Gold bugs gone but not forgotten
05/10/2018>The Case AGAINST One Last, Vicious Shakedown in Gold
05/09/2018>A Feisty Dollar Refuses to Correct
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