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03/25/2019>What If 'Everyone' Correctly Smells a Top Here?
03/22/2019>A Permabear Talks Lollipops and Roses
03/22/2019>Uh-oh. Dovish Talk from the Fed Lays an Egg
03/21/2019>Market Bides Time Ahead of More Fed Twaddle
03/21/2019>A Perfect Storm to Titillate Permabears?
03/19/2019>Why This Rally Smells Funny
03/17/2019>The Technical Case for a Plunge into Molten Hell
03/15/2019>A Precise Target If Boeing Keeps Falling
03/13/2019>Bulls Boldly Stand Their Ground
03/05/2019>Are These Dirtballs Good, or What?
03/01/2019>The Coming Pension Bust
02/28/2019>At Last, a Summit That's Not All B.S.
02/27/2019>Lame Thinking Is Bull's Secret Sauce
02/26/2019>Even Buffett Can Make a Mistake
02/25/2019>Don't Blame Crazies For This Steep Rally
02/22/2019>The Smell of Rat
02/22/2019>Will Apple's Shares Lead the Next Charge?
02/19/2019>When a Bear Rally Becomes Unstoppable
02/14/2019>FAANGs to Pooped to Fool Anyone
02/13/2019>Here's How the Rally Could Turn 'Magnetic'
02/11/2019>The Case for New Record Highs
02/08/2019>Was Thursday's Selloff That Ominous Cough?
02/08/2019>Short-Covering Stalls for Lack of 'Good' News
02/04/2019>Gold Bugs Index About To Get Some Respect?
02/01/2019>Bogus Rally Unites Powell and Trump
01/28/2019>Gold Surges. Here's What to Expect Next...
01/26/2019>Pass Line Bet Offers Very Juicy Odds
01/24/2019>The Art of Leveraging Feeble Buying
01/23/2019>Charts for Key Stocks Show How Quickly Bulls Could Turn the Tide
01/17/2019>Beware! These Guys Are Good...
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On The Hot Seat
25 MarS W.
Good questions ! Butler has never been right and I am going back years. Silver has been in massive downtrend for 8 years and will likely be...
On The Hot Seat
22 MarRobert L.
It is now close on two years ago that Ted Butler said "I am convinced that silver will soon explode in price................the price of silver wil...
Coercion Meets Its Match
24 MarS W.
When I wet to Uni I received a TEAS payment (tertiary education assistance scheme ). It was not a lot of money but it helped. I also worked shifts...
Deadly Serious
22 MarJ.0
Conservatives generally treat others with gentleness and compassion. This is often mistaken for weakness by the Left. Big Mistake. Don’t poke...
The Blind Leading the Deaf and Dumb
19 MarJ.2
The economic depression looming ahead will be violent, but it could also be very short. All that is required is for the government to get out of t...
Ides and Tides
17 MarThemis
The Federal Reserve chairpeople bring to mind Chamberlain's return from Germany prior to WW II, reassuring the British people of "peace in our time".
The Domino Effect – Romania joins Gold Repatriation exodus
17 MarThemis1
The Bank of England, through its arbitrary refusal to repatriate Venezuela's remaining gold, has lost the trust of smaller nations. It has bowed t...
Sunset Boulevard with Chimp
16 MarGypsy0
Thank you James, for Speaking of Complete Reversals to come. Those on the LEFT, defenders of ObamaCare, are now reversing direction and adopting “R...
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