Ronan Manly is an investment professional and research analyst with an interest in the monetary gold market. He is currently working as a consultant precious metals analyst for BullionStar Singapore. Ronan’s studies have included financial and economics related undergraduate and masters degrees at University College Dublin and London Business School. His career has spanned roles in portfolio management, stockbroking, and technology, working for companies including Dimensional Fund Advisors and Morgan Stanley. Since 2014, he has been writing a well-received blog on the BullionStar website addressing various aspects of the global gold market.
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11/04/2017>LME gold and silver Reference Prices: Will anyone notice?
10/17/2017>Neck and Neck: Russian and Chinese Official Gold Reserves
09/29/2017>LBMA Silver Price Benchmark – Changes, but no Wider Participation
08/24/2017>Mnuchin’s PR Visit to Fort Knox proves nothing about the US Go...
08/19/2017>BullionStar quoted in Wall Street Journal article on New York ...
08/11/2017>BullionStar Presentation on Real Vision TV – Bullion Banking, ...
08/02/2017>LBMA Gold Vault Data – How low is the London Gold Float?
07/31/2017>The West lost at least another 1000 tonnes of large gold bars ...
07/18/2017>Is the COMEX Rigged?
07/09/2017>CME Stays Silent on Cause of COMEX Silver Price Glitch
07/07/2017>Bullion Banks line up in London to support LME’s Gold Futures
07/05/2017>How many Silver Bars are in the LBMA Vaults in London?
06/25/2017>Are the World’s Billionaire Investors Actually Buying Gold?
05/23/2017>New Gold Pool at the BIS Basle: Part 2 – Pool vs Gold for Oil
05/18/2017>An update on SGE Vault Withdrawals and SGE Price Premiums
05/16/2017>New Gold Pool at the BIS Basle, Switzerland: Part 1
05/12/2017>SGE Trading Volumes surged by 43% in 2016 led by OTC and Defer...
05/09/2017>Summer of 17: LBMA Confirms Upcoming Publication of London Gol...
04/28/2017>Bank of England releases new data on its gold vault holdings
04/25/2017>Sweden’s Gold Reserves: 10,000 gold bars shrouded in Official ...
04/14/2017>Death Spiral for the LBMA Gold and Silver auctions?
04/04/2017>German and Swiss Precious Metals Refiners join forces as Herae...
03/13/2017>Mexico’s Earmarked Gold Bars at the Bank of England vaults
03/08/2017>More Bad News for the LBMA Silver Price, but an Opportunity fo...
03/04/2017>Germany’s Gold remains a Mystery as Mainstream Media cheer leads
02/17/2017>A Chink of Light into London’s Gold Vaults?
02/08/2017>Lukewarm start for new London Gold Futures Contracts
01/31/2017>Ireland’s Monetary Gold Reserves: High Level Secrecy vs. Freed...
01/11/2017>Who Owns the World’s Largest Gold Hoards? – Not the Central Ba...
12/24/2016>COMEX and ICE Gold Vault Reports both Overstate Eligible Gold ...
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Another One Bites the Dust
Shallow it may be, but it's frickin' hilarious to laugh at all the hypocritical jerks who gave Trump ("I'm no angel") endless grief for his "when y...
Brexit, Gold and Harold Wilson's 'Pound in Your Pocket', 50 Years On
20 NovThemis
Good points, however Brexit is not entirely about the value of the pound or the cost of living. Many of those who voted in favour of leaving the U...
Another One Bites the Dust
20 NovThe Recusant0
Seems rather shallow to fault Franken for a tasteless comedic prank after electing the "grab them by the p*ssy" adulterer to the presidency.
Another One Bites the Dust
18 Novdennyc1
I happened to read one of Franken's book about all of the hypocrites in office, business,etc. his sanctimonious air notwithstanding I thought the g...
Brexit, Gold and Harold Wilson's 'Pound in Your Pocket', 50 Years On
18 Novkevthorne
A well informed article, giving the insight into what Brexit will really mean for the UK.
What Now?
14 NovThemis
Kunstler has a talent for summarizing complex situations in a pithy and entertaining way. The Middle East is being reduced to a drawn out proxy wa...
Spanking the Monkey
14 Novprljr
They wonder why Russia Today has such a big following. Real news is much more interesting than the MSM circus. Especially when you question more.
Spanking the Monkey
12 NovGypsy
James, I've been wondering about the Hollywood Spank the Monkey thing ever since the advertising firms came out with their "Can't Wait to Get Their...
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