Ronan Manly is an investment professional and research analyst with an interest in the monetary gold market. He is currently working as a consultant precious metals analyst for BullionStar Singapore. Ronan’s studies have included financial and economics related undergraduate and masters degrees at University College Dublin and London Business School. His career has spanned roles in portfolio management, stockbroking, and technology, working for companies including Dimensional Fund Advisors and Morgan Stanley. Since 2014, he has been writing a well-received blog on the BullionStar website addressing various aspects of the global gold market.
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03/06/2019>The Domino Effect – Romania joins Gold Repatriation exodus
03/01/2019>RBA bosses squirm as Aussie politicians throw easy questions a...
02/20/2019>Australia’s gold at the Bank of England – Extended Q & A
02/13/2019>Italy’s Gold enters the Political Fray. But who really owns it?
01/31/2019>Bank of England tears up its Gold Custody contract with Venezu...
01/23/2019>French central bank and JP Morgan team up to boost Gold Lending
01/23/2019>LBMA trading volume data confirms the paper gold casino in London
01/23/2019>Russian Central Bank buying Gold on the International market?
01/23/2019>Separating truth from fiction in China’s golden game of Poker
01/23/2019>US Gold and Silver Futures Markets - "Easy Targets"
01/18/2019>Venezuela’s gold in limbo amid tug-of-war at the Bank of England
11/06/2018>Does the recent spate of Central Bank gold buying impact deman...
10/16/2018>In surprise move, Central Bank of Hungary announces 10-fold ju...
10/12/2018>Skepticism reigns about the True state of Chinese central bank...
10/02/2018>LBMA Clearing and Vaulting data reveal the absurdity of the Lo...
09/24/2018>Paulson’s Shareholders Gold Council finally launches after ini...
09/17/2018>Chinese Gold Panda Coins now trading on the Shanghai Gold Exch...
09/02/2018>As Emerging Market Currencies Collapse, Gold is being Mobilized
08/21/2018>Annual Mine Supply of Gold: Does it Matter?
08/06/2018>LBMA at the Movies: Golden Turkeys
07/31/2018>Spotlight on the HUI and XAU Gold Stock Indexes
07/19/2018>Chinese Gold Market: Still in the Driving Seat
07/01/2018>Gold’s Price Performance: Beyond the US Dollar
06/26/2018>The Shareholders Gold Council (SGC) – “Just don’t mention the ...
06/12/2018>Sovereign Money Referendum: A Swiss Awakening to Fractional-Re...
04/25/2018>Turkey and Russia Highlight Gold’s Role as a Strategically Imp...
04/17/2018>Spoofing Futures and Banging Fixes: Same Banks, Same Trading D...
04/07/2018>US Gold & Silver Futures Markets: “Easy” Targets
03/29/2018>Central Banks Care about the Gold Price – Enough to Manipulate...
03/20/2018>Why the World’s Central Banks hold Gold – In their Own Words
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Buyer’s Remorse
26 Margfs543-1
Mr. Kunstler, you have written an outstanding dissection and clarification of the Mueller probe. Thank you!
On The Hot Seat
25 MarS W.
Good questions ! Butler has never been right and I am going back years. Silver has been in massive downtrend for 8 years and will likely be...
On The Hot Seat
22 MarRobert L.1
It is now close on two years ago that Ted Butler said "I am convinced that silver will soon explode in price................the price of silver wil...
Coercion Meets Its Match
24 MarS W.
When I wet to Uni I received a TEAS payment (tertiary education assistance scheme ). It was not a lot of money but it helped. I also worked shifts...
Deadly Serious
22 MarJ.0
Conservatives generally treat others with gentleness and compassion. This is often mistaken for weakness by the Left. Big Mistake. Don’t poke...
The Blind Leading the Deaf and Dumb
19 MarJ.2
The economic depression looming ahead will be violent, but it could also be very short. All that is required is for the government to get out of t...
Ides and Tides
17 MarThemis
The Federal Reserve chairpeople bring to mind Chamberlain's return from Germany prior to WW II, reassuring the British people of "peace in our time".
The Domino Effect – Romania joins Gold Repatriation exodus
17 MarThemis1
The Bank of England, through its arbitrary refusal to repatriate Venezuela's remaining gold, has lost the trust of smaller nations. It has bowed t...
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