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09/19/2017>Actions of A Bully Child or Dying Empire: Sanctions and Threat...
09/17/2017>Poverty, Prosperity, and Precious Metals - Jeff Nielson
09/12/2017>On Guard Against The Banks - Craig Hemke
09/10/2017>Gold, Blockchain Technology and Belt & Road Initiative - Rory ...
09/09/2017>The Coming Run On Banks And Pensions - Dave Kranzler
09/06/2017>A Massive Surge In GLD "Inventory" - Craig Hemke
09/06/2017>Three Faces of Bitcoin - Jeff Thomas
09/03/2017>Eight Days to Destruction - Gary Christenson
09/02/2017>Why Has Silver Been Suppressed? - Jeff Nielson
09/02/2017>Total G-3 Central Bank Control - Craig Hemke
08/23/2017>The LBMA Is A Ploy of the Central Bank Community - Nico Simons
08/23/2017>Cryptocurrencies: The Unfolding Fiat Digital Scheme - Rory Hall
08/23/2017>The Gold Direction Indicator Keeps Rising - Peter Degraaf
08/22/2017>Total Eclipse of Sense - Gary Christenson
08/22/2017>The IMF overlooked more than 3.000 ton gold from 2009 till 2015
08/21/2017>?Bad Ideas About Money, Bitcoin, and Gold Report
08/21/2017>Silver Cycles and War Cycles
08/18/2017>Debt, Dollars, DOW, War, Silver, and Shirts
08/17/2017>Bitcoin Has No Yield, but Gold Does
08/16/2017>The LBMA is a ploy of the Central Bank Community
08/14/2017>Digital Enslavement Is Now Assured: ACChain - Rory Hall
08/13/2017>“What, Me Worry?” Markets - Gary Christenson
08/10/2017>Dumb And Dumber: Money Keeps Pouring In - John Rubino
08/10/2017>Cryptocurrencies – The Next Level of Power and Control Develop...
08/01/2017>Gold or Silver? A 2017 Perspective - Jeff Nielson
08/01/2017>“Low Inflation” In Not “Good", It’s Pure Propaganda - Dave Kra...
07/31/2017>The Dynamics of a Riot - Jeff Thomas
07/26/2017>Money Is Money, Wherever It Comes From - John Rubino
07/25/2017>More Commitment of Traders Perspective - Craig Hemke
07/24/2017>Gold: the Mine Reserve Crisis, and Higher Prices - Jeff Nielson
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James, you're getting more difficult to read. As a Deplorable, I realize my under-education leaves me at a disadvantage when faced against the Mer...
18 Sepdennyc2
If a university professor has been on the job for more than five years without venturing out into the world there's usually nothing to learn here. ...
Rude Awakening for the US in January? No, Just More Alarmist BS Fro...
The world & the US $ have been on the brink for 10 years (or more). In 2008 it nearly happened but giving the 1% a stack of money saved the day. It...
'No evidence' of gold market manipulation, CPM Group's Christian in...
15 Sepneville
Despite being a so-called GOLD website ,I have read more anti GOLD articles on kitco than on any other site. Yes chris you are absolutely corre...
Rude Awakening for the US in January? No, Just More Alarmist BS Fro...
13 Sepgoldsacs1
USA born out of genocide, built by slavery, mantained by continuos wars, profited on fake money, which ultimately will be the cause of its demise. ...
Rude Awakening for the US in January? No, Just More Alarmist BS Fro...
15 SepSilverthumb2
I used to enjoy listening to Rickards. He sold out when he signed on with Agora Financial. Now he's just another ranting alarmist trying to get ri...
What's Killing the Jobs Market?
13 SepJ.0
It is hard to know where to begin to respond to your comment Recusant. You do not seem to understand how markets work. So, I'll throw out some po...
Rude Awakening for the US in January? No, Just More Alarmist BS Fro...
12 SepThe Recusant3
Oh, pish, Mish! Rickards has been spouting alarms for years. It's China and Russia that we must worry about sinking the dollar as the international...
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