Steve Keen is associate professor at the University of Western Sydney School of Economics and Finance. As an economist, he does something very unusual : he treats money seriously, and as a result he gets a very different result on how the economy operates.
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06/09/2017>Shut­ting down mem­ber­ship
05/17/2016>CERN Discovers New Particle Called The FERIR
05/09/2016>Zombies-To-Be and the Walking Dead of Debt
04/06/2016>Are we facing a global “Lost Decade”?
04/01/2016>The Seven Countries Most Vulnerable To A Debt Crisis
02/18/2016>Kingston Uni releases monetarily sound forecast model of US Ec...
02/16/2016>Tilting At Windmills: The Faustian Folly Of Quantitative Easing
02/13/2016>Hey Joe, Banks Can’t Lend Out Reserves
02/07/2016>Our Dysfunctional Monetary System
11/22/2015>The Power And The Impotence Of The ECB
04/02/2015>The Principal And Interest On Debt Myth
03/26/2015>1890s March of the unemployed on Washington
02/27/2015>German satire does Yanis
02/11/2015>Nobody understands debt–including Paul Krugman
01/19/2015>Making Swiss Cheese Of The Euro?
11/24/2014>Launching Kingston’s Rethinking Economics Group
11/12/2014>Crash Boom Pop in the Wall Street Journal
11/07/2014>Crash! Boom! Pop! On Boom! Bust!
07/24/2014>Are the students revolting, or is it economics?
06/30/2014>An open letter to Brussels
06/28/2014>The dodgy dynamics of economics (1)
06/27/2014>Why Europe’s austerity experiment is doomed to fail
05/02/2014>Should governments run budget surpluses?
01/14/2014>Some sample Minsky models
07/02/2013>Mutiny off the Bounty
06/29/2013>My presentation in Bordeaux
06/17/2013>Vale David Hirst
06/11/2013>The Neoclassical conspiracy against Post Keynesian Economics
06/03/2013>Calm before the Storm: Instability series (4)
05/17/2013>The housing rally to have, when you’re not having a rally
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