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Steve Saville is the editor of The Speculative Investor.
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04/24/2017>Long-term price targets are meaningless
04/19/2017>Don’t get hung up on bull/bear labels
04/05/2017>The much-maligned paper gold market
03/31/2017>Is gold a good store of value?
03/28/2017>The limitations of sentiment as a market timing tool
03/24/2017>‘Real’ Performance Comparison
03/21/2017>How falsehoods become facts
03/16/2017>The “petrodollar” is irrelevant
03/08/2017>What is the root cause of a gold bull market?
03/01/2017>Has the Fed been a long-term success?
02/28/2017>Bank de-regulation is less important than bank credit
02/22/2017>The only commodity supply-demand indicator that matters
02/20/2017>Trump will not really cut taxes
02/15/2017>An age-old relationship between interest rates and prices
02/13/2017>A trade deficit is never a problem
02/13/2017>Charts of Interest
02/08/2017>The illogical world of GATA
02/06/2017>Regime Uncertainty
02/03/2017>A pro-business government does NOT lead to a stronger stock ma...
02/01/2017>Loosening is the new tightening
01/25/2017>Gold and the US Constitution
01/24/2017>Casey’s Financial Chaos Prediction
01/17/2017>The “war on cash” has nothing to do with fighting crime
01/14/2017>A wide-angle view of the US stock market
01/11/2017>China’s Incredible Smog
01/09/2017>Revisiting the gold market’s “London bias”
01/04/2017>Market manipulation is not price suppression
12/30/2016>“Gold has peaked for the year”, revisited
12/27/2016>Why the Trump Presidency will do down in history as a disaster
12/19/2016>How the fundamental backdrop could turn bullish for gold
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The parable of the cards
28 Aprdom1971
Please let me take this a step further if I may... because I see an opportunity to highlight a particular concern of mine. Let us ignore f...
Debate Over Electric Trucks: Let’s Get It On
25 AprJerry82
Thanks Mish, this was a very insightful and thought provoking piece. I've often heard concerns about the weight of these new electric trucks and th...
No, The Junior Mining Stocks Are Not About To Implode - Dave Kranzler
25 AprJerry821
Thank you Dave for this excellent article. I agree with your well thought out critiques that point to junior miners being just fine. Relying on tha...
Gold Bullion Erases $10 Bounce Despite French Election, N.Korea Ris...
25 AprJerry82
I don't know how much I'd trust the listed GLD holdings. I always found GLD's structure to be a bit strange. They so famously claim that they are 1...
The Story of Gold Money, Past, Present and Future, by Edwin Walter ...
18 AprJerry82
Thank you for this very thought provoking piece Nathan. I have not read any literature from Edwin Walter Kemmerer before but I am inclined to pick ...
Gold Prices Slip $10 After Breaking Downtrend as UK's May Seeks Bre...
18 AprSam Maher3
"That left the GLD gold ETF needing a 2017 high of 849 tonnes in bullion backing." I frequently see you make these claims on GLD's holding...
Bombs Away!
17 Aprprljr-1
James tribe owns trump.
Krunch Time for Korean Krackpot Despot, Kim Jong-Un: Missile Crisis...
17 Aprprljr1
Unfortunately the world is not run by Christians, well except for the useful idiot ones.
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