Toni Straka is an INDEPENDENT Certified Financial Analyst (OeVFA, EFFAS) who worked as a financial journalist for 15+ years and now evaluates global market trends. Analyzing financial and political news permanently he wants to share his insight with those who understand that we are in an era of global redistribution of wealth. The US-European centric approach does not work anymore. Five billion people in the developing countries now demand their fair share of the world's resources.
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07/29/2014>The Coming Silver Shortage
02/24/2014>30,000 Protesters Take To The Streets in Nantes, France
02/23/2014>30,000 Protesters Take To The Streets in Nantes, France
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01/28/2012>Secret Document: Germany Wants To Put Greece Under EU Curatorship
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01/23/2012>ECB Threatens Ireland with Bomb Terror, Ignores Journalist's Q...
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01/16/2012>Paper: Will a Fed Economist Become Slovenia's Prime Minister?
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01/14/2012>S&P Now Spelling AustriA Correctly With Downgrade to AA+
01/09/2012>8.5 Trillion Bullion vs. 750 Trillion Derivatives
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11/11/2011>Austrian Central Bank Strikes Exotic Deal with PBoC While Enta...
10/24/2011>Moody's Turns Spotlight on "Austria Banks Derivatives"
10/20/2011>20.10.2011: Unofficial Death Date of the Euro
09/19/2011>It Takes Only a 4% Adverse Move and Austria's Banks Are Out of...
09/15/2011>ECB Monetary Policy Kicked Off the Rail by Only One Lehman Event
09/12/2011>Why the Eurozone and the USA Deserve a CCC Rating
07/21/2011>Mexican Central Bank Added Almost 100 Tons of Gold in H1 2011
07/14/2011>Bernanke's Biggest Error: Gold is No Money
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