Tom Szabo co-founded the Metal Augmentor, a subscription-based investment research service focused primarily on analyzing the mining sector and gold and silver markets
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12/17/2011>Negative Lease Rates and the Ticking Gold Time Bomb
09/09/2011>Fed Bennie and the Jets of Oz
05/03/2011>Eidetic Research on Silver April 20 2011
08/25/2010>Crazy Market Thoughts: Only Half the Story
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02/12/2010>Crazy Market Thoughts: Reason Number X to be Long-Term Bullish...
01/26/2010>Grounding the Hype: Silver Buried Under Great Wall of China
01/21/2010>George Slezak Still Bearish on Gold, Again Bets Money On It
01/13/2010>Crazy Market Thoughts: We Could Be Early on Copper and China
01/08/2010>Crazy Market Thoughts: Crude Tankers and Contango
12/23/2009>Charlatan Exposed: GLD Audit
12/18/2009>Market Update December 17 2009
12/18/2009>Market Update December 16 2009
12/17/2009>Pig Farmers Make Brent Cook (and Us) Nervous
12/17/2009>Charlatan Exposed: COMEX Cash Settlement
12/11/2009>Charlatan Exposed: Spiraling to Bankruptcy
11/12/2009>Crazy Market Thoughts — Dollar Carry Trade
10/29/2009>Autumn 2009 Gold Correction Watch
10/23/2009>Crazy Market Thoughts — The Beijing Put
10/06/2009>Crazy Market Thoughts — Wake Me Up When September Ends
07/31/2009>Exchange of Futures for Physical (EFP) Explained - Part One
07/03/2009>Where is Inflation?
07/02/2009>Metal Augmentor "Tease" Stock Revealed, Replaced by two Others
06/24/2009>Silver Bullets and ETFs
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