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08/19/2017>Gold retakes $1,300 level for first time in 9 months
08/18/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Retreats From Above $1300
08/18/2017>Morning Snapshot: Gold rallies to new highs for the year
08/18/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Firms as Fed and ECB Lean Dovish
08/18/2017>Gold Was Chemically Destined To Be Money All Along
08/17/2017>Morning Snapshot: Gold remains firm on dovish Fed
08/16/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Consolidates Awaiting FOMC Minutes
08/16/2017>Morning Snapshot: Gold remains defensive at the low end of yes...
08/15/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Retreats on Heightened Risk Appe...
08/15/2017>Trump signs measure on Chinese trade practices, says it’s ‘jus...
08/15/2017>A looming threat to the stock market’s calm is not even on inv...
08/15/2017>Trump aides predicting ‘brutal’ September
08/15/2017>Morning Snapshot: Gold comes under additional corrective pressure
08/14/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Recoups Half of Earlier Losses
08/14/2017>Morning Snapshot: Gold eases along with North Korean tensions
08/14/2017>Gold and Silver Technical Alert: Something Big Is Coming
08/11/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Hits Nine-Week High, Just Shy of...
08/11/2017>Morning Snapshot: Gold jumps to 9-week high on weak CPI
08/10/2017>Former Lehman Brothers Trader: Unpredictable Government Action...
08/10/2017>Dalio Recommends Gold as Hedge Against Rising Political Risk
08/10/2017>GUNDLACH: Gold’s chart has ‘one of the most bullish’ patterns ...
08/10/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Higher on Mounting Risk Aversion
08/10/2017>U.S. producer prices record biggest drop in 11 months
08/10/2017>Morning Snapshot: Gold and silver add to gains
08/09/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Jumps on Rising Geopolitical Ten...
08/09/2017>Morning Snapshot: Gold jumps as sabers rattle
08/08/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Gives Back Overseas Gains, But W...
08/08/2017>Morning Snapshot: Gold firms as dollar comes under renewed pre...
08/07/2017>The Daily Market Report: Gold Consolidates at Low-End of Frida...
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NY Fed President Wants Consumers to Tap Home Equity: Didn’t We Try ...
17 Augmikejuha
As a prudent investor, I eliminated all mortgage debt in January 2009. When I paid off my loan with Bank of America, they initially refused to tak...
Total Eclipse
19 AugThe Recusant
"I’d like to hear [sic] an argument..." Historical statues typically honor or remember people of greatness, the beneficial contribution th...
Can a government surplus cause the economy to tank?
18 Auggfs543
Your dissection is incisive, Steve. You weren't refuting just this one writer. You were beating up on popular Keynesian fallacies.
Can a government surplus cause the economy to tank?
Thank you very much for that Steve. But please just don't 'leave it there'. The author of that article apparently intends to expand on that bullshi...
Smoke and Fire
16 Augaccording0
some things happen without collusion do you think that the stupid little rats of blm and antifa dont get paid to help wreck our socie...
Smoke and Fire
16 Augaccording0
James. Even a believer has to leave Zoar before he starves to death. Kudos for having the fortitude to write this.
The Folly of Democratic Socialism
16 AugFalconflight
It this Amerika, I reference it as Krony Socialism.
Stock Market Correction Hasn’t Begun to Begin! It Will (And North K...
16 AugJ.
This bubble has been deemed TBTP (Too Big To Pop). Central banks have outright said in public that they will do "whatever it takes" to prevent it....
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