Vedran Vuk graduated with a BBA in Economics from Loyola University of New Orleans. Currently, he is pursuing a M.S. in Finance at Johns Hopkins University. He also spent time on a PhD. Economics program. His publications include academic journal articles, book chapter contributions, newspaper columns, and online articles. Prior to Casey Research, he worked in think tanks, government affairs, and corporate governance. Utilizing his experiences with academics, Washington politics, and financial knowledge, Vedran’s analysis often seeks to find the mid-point between these different areas.
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29 Articles
07/22/2013>Bernanke Reveals His Plans, Then Tells Us to Ignore Them
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05/10/2012>The Pesky Details of Prospectus Disclosure
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10/12/2011>A Tough Time for Commodities
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09/01/2011>Falling Oil Prices: A Worrying Trend That May Be a Saving Grace
08/20/2011>Understanding Oil Price Differences : The Brent-WTI Divide
08/12/2011>Food for Thought: Silver Drops on Panic
08/06/2011>Compromise, D.C.-Style
05/10/2010>For the Love of Power or Money?
04/16/2010>The Tax Window of Opportunity
04/07/2010>When Soda Was a Nickel and Social Security Wasn't Much More
03/31/2010>Census Numbers Uncensored
03/08/2010>'Snow-cialism' Rears Its Head in Baltimore
02/24/2010>Is Ben Bernanke smart enough to be a CEO ?
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