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Published : November 17th, 2008
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I don't like to talk about my personal life, because I'd rather focus on YOU, and how to help YOU, especially by convincing you to buy silver, which is my focus.  But to help people, I've learned that listening is extremely important, and so today's letter has a different focus.


So many people are so concerned with my well being.  They are concerned that I'm not taking time to enjoy life.  Thank you.  I am. 

I write this not to brag or boast, but to inspire.


Many of my readers think I'm obsessed with silver.  I'm not. (Despite the fact that my wife thinks I'm obsessed, too.)  It's just the focus of my work, and this newsletter, and I'm required to keep the discussion on topic by my email service provider.   But I made silver the focus of my newsletter, because after years of diligent study, I honestly believe that if more people owned silver, it would solve most of the ills of modern day life.  Primarily, it would reduce government abuses of power by removing their power to pay for their abuses by removing from them the power of the printing press money which lets them steal the wealth of the world, and fund their abusive police and military forces.


Perhaps my readers are concerned with my own financial well being, after all, we  all know it has been brutal in our sector.


As the "powers that be" have manipulated silver prices lower over the past two years, I've lost $10 million or more, as the value of my portfolio has declined from $15 million to just below $5 million. 

But I'm truly blessed.  I live in a house fully paid for.  Last year, my wife and I were renting. 


Then, she got pregnant, as was planned, as she reversed a tubal ligation so she could have babies again.  The surgery was painful, but well worth it.  The very month after the surgery when we could "try" for a baby, was a success.  Shanna became pregnant.


I jumped for joy, again and again.  And we prayed for, and over, the baby, again and again. 


A week later, we got an eviction notice.  Concerning, but I thought, "no problem."  I wanted to look for another rental.  Shanna wanted a house, for stability.  We looked for a month for houses in the $700,000 range.  We found nothing we liked.  I decided to try showing my wife houses in the 1-2 million range, to try to convince her to continue renting, and to wait, so we could afford a better house later. 


But my plan backfired, and I was blessed.  The first house we saw that was $1 million was far better than any I could have hoped for.  So we offered $900k, were countered at $950k, and we settled.  That was last year.  Now, we live in a dream home of 4200 sq. feet, a Victorian house on 7 acres on a hill in the foothills of the Sierra mountains in California at about 4000 feet elevation.


I ended up living here in paradise because my dad originally moved us here as he wanted to retire, and to live "above the smog, but below the snow", and yes, we live there!  In paradise.


My days consist of the following:


I wake up after a great night's sleep on a $2000 beauty rest king size bed which is one of life's greatest luxuries.


I wake up when I feel like it, around 7-10 am, depending on how much sleep I need, depending on how late I was up the night before, probably writing, after about 6-8 hours of sleep, usually.  


Maybe I wake up next to my beautiful wife, or perhaps baby Jude who wakes with tiny soft cries or maybe a super genuine and very beautiful smile. 


I check email.  I eat.  Often, I'll take a break to run to town with my wife for a few errands, or go out to eat breakfast, lunch, or brunch together.


During the day, I take breaks to supervise and chat with employees who take care of the house and grounds, or take baby Jude for walks. 

I look over the financial news.  Maybe I trade stocks, maybe not.  I research everything I can about the silver market online. 


I research all I can about mints these days.


I try to keep in contact with all my contacts.  I try to answer questions as they come in.


I research the mining stocks.


Sometimes I'm blessed to answer questions about Bible Prophecy. 


Sometimes I'm blessed with time to work out a quick 10 minute routine of isometrics.


Sometimes I'm blessed with time to head to Tahoe in the winter to ski a day or two each season.


Sometimes I'm blessed with time to help our three teenage boys with problems or requests that they will have.  Or take them to the movies, which I enjoy.


Most often, and this I'm most dedicated to, I'm blessed with the best job in the world.  I get time to truly think, and write back to people to answer their questions about whether silver is real and whether paper is fraud.  I say yes, that silver is real, and paper is fraud, and I try to explain why.


Nearly every day, I struggle with how to convince a world of insane and crazy people who think that value can be saved in the form of used paper, that those people who print such papers are probably lying to them, and that they should trust in reality, instead.  It's the most beautiful mission and ministry that one could hope to be entrusted with.  It is the easiest "sell" in the world.  It helps me sleep well at night, I sleep like a baby. 


And I know.  I have one.  He's awesome.  He sleeps very well at night, too, amazing!


Around once a month, I'm able to host parties of 20-40 people or more for the holidays or any occasion that may come up.  We recently had at least 25 people over for the UFC Couture vs. Lesnar Pay Per View fight.


At night, maybe I'll have some wine, a rich Cabernet Sauvignon with maybe a bar-b-que of Tri-Tip Steak or a Filet Mignon or Salmon.  Other nights, pizza, or a fine home cooked meal by my beautiful Shanna, who is a fantastic cook.


In the evenings, maybe I'll get into our indoor sauna to break out a sweat, for a health boost.


I also get to partake of numerous herbs, vitamins, minerals, or chelation, as the need arises, for my health.


In the late evenings I love to watch reality TV with my wife, such as the rock of Love, or Celebrity Rehab.  We love to laugh, and learn.  My favorite shows are sometimes Modern Marvels, and nearly always the UFC fighting shows on Spike TV. 


I don't know why I love the fights so much.  I'm a lover, not a fighter.  Yet, I fight the good fight for the faith daily.  Ironic. 


These days, I'm also enjoying my wife's discovery that various health problems are the result of toxic metals, and so I'm on a chelation cleanse.  Amazing.  If you have allergies or are fatigued, I suggest you use google to research chelation.


Also, my wife and I love to engage in our monopoly of free trade that we have with each other.  Joy, joy, joy.


Additional relationship joys include working with my older brother, Terbo Ted, who works on my website design, and other creative projects.


Further, I have recently enjoyed a rejuvenation of a relationship with my mother and my younger brother, who are now working with me to help sell silver at and


Also, we have so much help from our family, friends and employees.


I feel so blessed.


I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is my master.  I know he can take it all away in a heartbeat.  I strive to do everything I can to please HIM first, above all things.  I hope and I think I'm succeeding.


I hope to inspire others to think of God first.  Providing for family second.  Other people third.  Their own selves last.  For when you think of others first, according to Godly principles, according to win win trade principles that require you to give of your excess production, it all seems to come together.


Sometimes, I get riled up by people who lie about me.  I've tried to distance myself from such people, as the Lord has advised.  Part of me wanted to write this to refute many misunderstandings.  See?  I'm no "doom and gloomer".  I do not take enjoyment out of other's misery, and I'm not hoping for an economic collapse.  I love the modern day division of labor, and the abundance of trade, and the many specialized things we get access to, because of those things.  But those are blessings from freedom and the abundance of people.  Those blessings don't come from debt and fraud.  Honest money, real gold and silver, encourage trade and the division of labor, which are harmed by the fraud of paper money.  But those statements might as well be religious beliefs, as most people deny reality, and believe what they are taught, instead.


Many people expect me to be able to do things that I cannot do.


I cannot convince Legislators to change the law.  They don't care about honesty and silver, since less than 1 voter in 1000 cares at this point.

I cannot convince Judges to rule according to God's ways.  They care more about upholding the money-monopoly that pays their salaries.


I cannot get media who are owned by other interests to report the truth.


I cannot force others to do anything.  I can only convince, and only convince people who care to listen.


I cannot detect whether slightly less or more than 99.9% of humanity will continue to pursue fraud, or whether a massive change will take place and only 99% of humanity will continue to pursue fraud, thus allowing 1% to pursue righteousness of honest weights and measures of silver and gold.


But I do know that if 1% of humanity begins to pursue honesty, that the prices and value of silver and gold will absolutely skyrocket. 


The reason is that the annual silver investment market is $1 billion in size, yet the Feds are now printing up about $3000 billion each year.  Imagine what would happen to silver if $30 billion were spent on silver in a year.  Please tell me what you think the price would be if 1% of that new money went into silver in a year.


Therefore, it does not matter so much to me the timing about WHEN a tiny fraction of people will begin to wake up.  I just know that one day, they will.


And one day, they will begin to enjoy life's blessings as I have enjoyed the blessings of life from the Lord.


I know that a few of you are blessed as I have been blessed.  My blessings far exceed my monetary wealth, but the wealth certainly helps.  And some of you are blessed even more, in a wide variety of ways, as it's not all about money.  And I know some are blessed with wealth of orders of magnitude greater than mine.  I envy not.  But I hope that you ALL will be blessed beyond and above the blessings that I have been blessed with, because God's blessings are good, and available to ALL.


May God truly bless you.


Here are two studies I did after I discovered a little bit about how to get out of the way of God's desire to bless you, to help Him bless you the way He wants to bless you.


How to let God bless your ministry.


Bible Verses on how to Manage Money


Study those.  They are probably my life's greatest works.  Since then, God has blessed me with wonderful little Baby Jude!  Those studies will help you to obey God's first commands to mankind, to become fruitful, and to multiply.  Remember, you will know God's own by their fruits.

One last point.  I'm not sure if God has blessed me in a supernatural way, but it certainly feels like it.  The Bible is clear that God pours out His blessings on the just and unjust.  So my stories of blessings are not sufficient, and do NOT prove that I'm righteous, or that my religious beliefs are right. 

I also do not claim to say that merely by buying silver, you will reap all the blessings that God has promised.  But rather, silver is but one of the blessings available that God has provided and is available to anyone, whether believer or not, no matter what your faith.


May God bless you!


My current auction at ends Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern, and is for 100 Engelhard 100 oz. bars. They don't make these anymore.


Payment must be made by wire transfer only.  I aim to scale up to run more frequent auctions, so that I can concentrate more on writing, and less on auction notices.


 Jason  Hommel

I have 2 major resources on mining stocks to offer to you.

First, look at  It is a FREE comprehensive database of mining stocks.  Anyone can update or enter data, it's like  Miningpedia has replaced the "silver stock report" in that it is doing the legwork on individual stock analysis that I used to do manually.  This frees me up to do what I like best, which is to write commentary.  My commentary retains the name, "Silver Stock Report", but for individual stocks, please see

Second, I offer a "look at my portfolio" for $50/month; where I share a peek at which stocks I own, once a month.  You can log in at any time, repeatedly, and also see all my prior months


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